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Holzkopf / Mindkontrolultra Split 12"
Holzkopf / Mindkontrolultra Split 12"
Red Gate Recordings #1
limited edition of 228
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 Holzkopf channels influences like Soft Cell, Coil, Depeche Mode, Suicide and Pan Sonic in this rare hi fi recording. Based out of the West Coast of Canada, Holzkopf is known for combining psychedelic walls of feedback and blown out polyrhythmic drum machine beats with vocals that are part gospel and part inhuman noise. Between 2006 and 2011, they actively toured this style of performance around Canada and Europe, leaving a string of trashy, direct to tape or hard disc recordings put out by near a dozen labels in small runs. The drums for this record were originally written on trains and buses and in friends' flats on a 2 month tour through Europe in 2011. Over the next 4 months while back at home in Roy G Biv Studios, the drums were combined with synth, digital feedback, field recordings and layers of vocal takes. The resulting 2 tracks became the only multi-tracked and high quality document of the noise-beat/gospel era of Holzkopf, out finally on Red Gate Recordings. "I stopped this sound because it was getting over the top. Delving into a dark space, smoking, drinking and screaming. Bruises on my knees, the taste of blood in my mouth for the better part of tours. Fun, maybe. Ego, maybe. A purging of anxiety, definately. It was a trance. It would require a lot of emotional prep and a lot of come down. It wasn't sustainable. I've decided to focus more on technique now, scale down the showmanship: let the sounds speak. But I miss this. Harsh pains in my throat and sore body lifting me into another time and place and exhaling until I cease to exist." On the flip side Mindkontrolultra offers minimalist tracks for big spliffing on the dance floor. 1000 ton kicks and snares strike in elaborate but subtly skewed time signatures and punch through narrow bands of synthesizer oscillations reminiscent of deathmetal riffs. Originally from Winnipeg, Mindkontrolultra is now based in Calgary, AB. His side of the record is a departure from his previous hyper speed and fuzzed out breakcore and hardcore. The melodies are simple and melancholic and while the weight of the drums break through all the rest, his care and attention for detail mean everything is crisp and sharp. The tempo has been pulled back to a slower pace which gives the tracks a heavy forward momentum. The beats roll out with the power of a landslide and are soaked in modern paranoia. Light up and bounce or get crushed.
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