Open Letter to the City of Vancouver and the Province of BC:

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Hannah E.Vancouver
Alexis B.VancouverDamn vancouver just give artists a break before the entire soul of the city dies.
Oliver L.Vancouver
Olivia S.Vancouver
Danielle P.Vancouver
Albert T.
Maria K.VANCOUVERStop making culture and art places close all over Vancouver!
Jennifer D.VancouverIt couldn't be said better than this. Save our arts community for the sake of everyone. Even those who don't understand how the arts affect them benefit from the vibrant culture that it brings to their cities. Imagining a city without these necessities is bleak, sterile and depressing.
Sharon B.Vancouver
Daniel D.VancouverThe most effective way that Vancouver can encourage the arts is by preserving spaces like Red Gate. It would be tragic if we lost it because the city can't figure out a property tax approach that allows for arts spaces.
Alex S.Vancouver
Monica T.Vancouver
Hakan K.Vancouver
Alison G.Vancouver
Melissa A.VancouverAs a performing artist myself, I fully support Red Gate, I love how they are supporting our community and I strongly urge the City of Vancouver to support this initiative. Vancouver is quickly losing it's artist class and middle class. I have been to numerous events at Red Gate and if it goes under too, I will fully storm City Hall with all my artist friends, in a non violent but very urgent manner. This is a critical matter to us as well as all of Vancouver. Thank you
christine g.VANCOUVER
Jeffrey A.Burnaby
Ieda R.Vancouver
Tony S.Keep art alive.
Samuelle A.Vancouver
Rina P.Vancouver
Rheis S.Abbotsford
Amrit s.Port Moody
Justine W.Burnaby
Jacky L.
Heather T.The overhead airspace tax is absurd. How to does our government expect establishing artists to put Vancouver on the map with ongoing gentrification of our public gathering spaces? Beaumont Studios is suffering immensely as well under the pressures of property taxes. Without appropriate venue space away from residential areas, counter-culture cannot make a huge impact on our communities, lowing the quality of life of many Vancouver residents. Without the oddities of art and multi-sensory experiences that live music/sound, light, and space events can create, Vancouver's tourism industry will suffer as will its local population as youth leave in search of more collaborative, supportive, and sustainable living/work conditions elsewhere.
Pierce K.Port Moody
Ethan V.Port Moody
Keith S.Surrey
Jane L.