Open Letter to the City of Vancouver and the Province of BC:

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Cuilean M.Vancouver
Sepehr M.Vancouver
Scott O.Vancouver
Dan Z.VancouverEnough of the contradicting city policies and passive hand-wringing CoV! The Gentrification leading to loss of culture & small business must stop.
Izzy D.Vancouver
Josh C.
Claire C.
Jason S.Cedar Cottage Village & Trout LakeSupport the arts and your artists !
sacha o.vancouver
Alexandra H.North VancouverI just went for my first time there and it was the best venue ive been to, i dont want it to be my last time going too.
Cyrille L.Bowen IslandBlessings for all those who still believe a life with art is a life worth living
Alyssa D.Vancouver
Jeff A.
Aliya M.Vancouver
Keira M.
Adrian W.Vancouver
Morag D.Vancouver
Morag D.Vancouver
Fraser G.Cumberland
Jack C.Burnaby
Christopher L.Vancouver
Silvi W.Vancouver
James S.
Theresa V.
Hannah E.Vancouver
Alexis B.VancouverDamn vancouver just give artists a break before the entire soul of the city dies.
Oliver L.Vancouver
Olivia S.Vancouver