The Red Gate has found a new home...

Now we need your help to convince the City to rent it to us!



It's been a long cold winter, but spring is approaching.  After months of fruitless searching, the Red Gate has found a suitable building, that approximates the square footage of our former space, at a rate that is only moderately higher than what we were paying.  It's a city-owned building at Industrial and Station streets, 20,000 square feet broken up into large rooms, basically all three floors of the old Red Gate side by side, and then some, with 16 foot ceilings. Until recently it was being rented by a movie production and prop storage company, and we were in the process of negotiating to rent some of it from them when we learned that the city had pulled the plug on their operation. We sent an email to the City Council to try to convince them to rent it to us instead, and immediately got responses from Councilors Geoff Meggs and Elizabeth Ball, about a resolution that was going to council the next day, to the effect that the city should look into renting city-owned properties to artists. So the timing couldn't have been better. Since then, we've learned that the properties department has handed the building over to the cultural department, who we've approached with an offer to lease the entire space.



To pull this off, we need your help!

We hope to provide genuinely affordable studio space for visual artists, as well as practice space for musicians, rehearsal space for theater groups, production space for film, video, and photography, community space for meetings and workshops, and more. What we need right now is expressions of interest for all of the above - not firm commitments just yet, but a clear indication from you, via us, to the city, that there is a strong demand for this, and that we're the ones to pull it together.  If you fit into any of those categories, and think you might want to get in on the ground floor, send us an email at and we'll compile this along with our proposal. If you're not looking for space right now, but want to support us anyway, please forward to the same address a brief explanation, in your own words, of why you think the city should rent us this building. This is our chance to do something amazing, to take things to the next level, to midwife the phoenix from the ashes of the Red Gate.  Please share this with anyone you think should know about it.


the Red Gate Collective

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