Gallery exhibit of Canadian Artists

PAINTER8 exhibits SAUCY @ Red Gate Arts Society, 855 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC
Exhibition Dates: April 6- April 9, 2017 inclusive. 
Opening Thursday, April 6 from 7pm to 9pm

Friday, April 7 - Saturday, April 8Sunday, April 9 - from 12pm to 6pm.
Free admission. Open to the public. 

SAUCY:  audacious, bold, brash, brazen, disrespectful, flippant, fresh, impertinent, impudent, insolent, pert, precocious, presumptuous, shameless.

Free to interpretation from all visual artists of PAINTER8. 

The Canadian visual artists exhibiting will be Chrissy Cheung (Vancouver), Craig Talbot (Cardston, AB), Tom Cummins (Vancouver), Gavin Sewell (Montreal-NYC), Dawna Mark (Calgary), Robert Pierce (Calgary), Tim Rechner (Edmonton).

This will be PAINTER8’s first exhibition together. PAINTER8 is a visual artist collective that was formed through an e-communication platform. Whether abstract, figurative or conceptual, members of PAINTER8 aim to establish dialogue and challenge each other as artists both in theory and in form.

Curated by Contact C
for more info please e- mail:

Red Gate February 2017

Friday February 24th: Other Jesus *Final Show* w/ So Pitted, Crumb, Scum Laude



Saturday February 25th: Red Gate Revue Stage *Grand Opening* w/ Lt. Frank Dickens, Aileen Bryant & Aiden Ayers, Holzkopf, Hazy plus DJs Usd. and Daniel R

Red Gate Community Update January 2017


The rumours are true. The Red Gate Arts Society has opened up a second front in our battle to save creative culture in Vancouver. In addition to our "Red Gate Classic" location on East Hastings, we're launching the Red Gate Revue Stage aka  "Granville Island International Airport", at 1601 Johnston St. on Granville Island, beginning on Saturday January 14th at 8PM. Cover is $10 but no one turned away for lack of funds, and free for Red Gate members! ($20/year, available at the door.)  Still working out some of the technical and organizational details, so we're holding off on our official launch event until February, but we're ramping things up with a series of experimental electro/acoustic performances, including Quiet City #31, featuring some visiting artists and some of our favorite local talents. Full details below. For some background about how this opportunity came about, and where we're trying to take it, VANDOCUMENT has just published an interview which goes into all that and more.  For booking enquiries, contact redgaterevuestage (at)


Saturday January 14th

Friends and Family Red Gate Revue Stage Opening

Soft opening for the Red Gate revue stage on Granville Island, come check out our new space.
Featuring some of our favorite locals and out of town guests:

Sorrowing Christ (Stockholm) • Serrated harmonic canons drawing forth funeral presences ascetikorps/ sorrowing-christ-dissolving -parade

The Passenger • Analog synthscapes the-passenger

s.p. davis • Solo Basho-inspired guitar played for the enjoyment of cats s-p-davis-1

The Nausea • Inspired by death, funeral violin, harsh noise https:// releases

Mourning Coup • Chant heavy experimental synth pop mourningcoup

$10- FREE FOR MEMBERS • 19+ No outside alcohol




Friday January 20th

Quiet City #31

Quiet City is a series of deep-listening concerts in Vancouver, focused on live performances of experimental, electronic and improvised music in a comfortable and intimate setting. Established in January 2010, we are now entering our eighth year of programming.

The thirty-first edition of this series will be featuring performances by:
⊚ Brandon Nickell (San Francisco) http://
⊚ Cameron Shafii (San Francisco)
⊚ Christian Carrière (Montréal) http://
⊚ Kevin Drumm (Chicago) https:// music
⊚ Rusalka

Please join us as we break ground at this new venue as part of the Red Gate Arts Society takeover of the Revue Stage on Granville Island.


Presented by PK Sound, Red Gate Arts Society, Soundscape & Panospria


Saturday January 28th

Harsh noise at the Granville Island International Airport


The Rita

Night Tide (Victoria)


Molena (UK / BC)


Come out and support your local noise scene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! (And our guest from Victoria)

Harm Reduction for DIY Venues

(This is an archived snapshot from Dec.6 2016 of the public google doc at




  • De-clutter your space and surrounding areas. Piles = fires and obstruction.
  • Clear obstructions to doorways. To ensure people can safely enter or exit a doorway, remove any objects or clutter that may prevent the door from opening fully. This should especially be checked during events when equipment may be temporarily placed in front of a door.
  • Prevent the public from entering off-limits areas by using signs, tape, and/or barricades, so these are not mistaken as exit paths or accessible space.
  • Do not allow large installations or dividers of fabric, paper, flammable wood, etc. unless the materials are known to be flame retardant and/or the space has working sprinklers.
  • Clear paths to exits. Mark and label building circulation with reflective tape or paint on the floor. Ideally, these paths should be at least 44" wide. Whenever possible, design your navigation so it's possible to get through the space while using a wheelchair.
  • Clearly mark all exit doors. Use glow in the dark, reflective, or battery-powered LED-lit signage (approx. $35).
    Clearly mark all emergency exits, including non-barred windows, fire escapes, etc.
  • Obtain escape ladders for upper-story rooms and make sure they are easily usable in emergencies.
  • Ensure all major exit path infrastructure is made of fire-safe material. This includes hallways, doors, stairs. (Especially if you have "decorative" or private stairs, lofts, ladders, poles.)
  • Make sure doors swing away from you as you move along the exit (egress) path. Re-orient hinges as necessary. Doors need to move in the direction of “egress,” or total exit from both the building and its grounds. (For example, a door that opens to the outdoors but into an enclosed courtyard does not count as true “egress.”) Exit signs should ideally point in the direction of egress, not just any point on the “building envelope” (exterior walls).
  • Install “panic hardware AKA crash bars” on your exit doors where it is possible to replace knobs or latches. It makes sure venues can be locked from the outside without sacrificing the ability to open them from the inside. A Panic Exit Bar costs approximately $60 + labor and typically requires a skilled person to install.
  • In non-exit doors, locks that require keys from both sides are illegal in public or multi-occupant buildings. These locks should be replaced with exit deadbolt locks (accessible by key on exterior/hall, use latch from inside the room. These are useful for individual studios and cost approximately $30 each.
  • Obtain and install functional smoke and carbon monoxide detectors (30 feet apart in common areas, one in each enclosed room). Consult the manual of your individual detector for testing frequency, but if you don’t have the manual, test the batteries at least every 6 months.
  • Obtain, install, and clearly label non-expired fire extinguishers (75 feet apart in common areas). If your space has contained studios or bedrooms, include a fire extinguisher in each.
  • Store flammable/combustible/hazardous material properly (solvents, gasoline, kerosene, spray paint, and more.) Use appropriate individual containers, flammables cabinets, etc.
  • Keep all electrical panels, water and gas valves, meters, and other infrastructure accessible and identifiable, with a minimum 3' of space at their front and sides at all times, in case someone needs to access them in an emergency. Depending on the area of the building, you may want to define the space around electrical panels with a chain link fence.
  • Make sure your electrical wiring is properly grounded and attached to breakers, so if the system overloads it shuts off rather than exploding. If you regularly lose power during events, first be thankful that the breakers are working as they should, but also acknowledge that your system is not adequate to handle your needs. You must update the system, or modify what you book there until you can update it.
  • Connect your electronics to surge-protecting power strips. Especially do this for power-intensive items like space heaters, fans, electronic instruments and gear. Clear space around electronics and wiring, and keep electrical items dust-free.
  • Avoid running long light gauge extension cords in order to access outlets. (Learn more about extension cord suggestions.)
  • Provide a designated outdoor smoking area, free of clutter and flammables, with fire-safe disposal containers.
  • Have non-flammable, non-power-dependent lighting available indoors, for example, battery operated candles and flashlights.
  • Review emergency procedures and run periodic emergency drills with residents, staff, and volunteers. Orient visitors to emergency procedures.




  • Your venue (for up to 500 people) should have at least two exits.
  • Post floor plans of the space in visible areas, with rooms (including “private/staff only” sections) doors, stairs, windows, bathrooms, and fire extinguishers clearly marked. These can be simple, informal, and hand-drawn.
  • When possible, keep performance spaces on the ground floor/same floor as building exits.
    Replace DIY walls that don't have proper insulation and sheetrock. Wood panel walls with hollow cavities in the center are fire hazards. Consider the space’s use and your needs when choosing how to build a wall. Metal studs are relatively inexpensive and don’t add to fire risk, but they are less environmentally sustainable than wood studs, which do add to a structure’s “fire load.”
  • Keep heat-generating lighting equipment to a minimum. Use LED or fluorescent bulbs whenever possible, as they generate significantly less heat. While LED bulbs are initially more expensive, incandescent floods can overheat, becoming dangerous to the touch and potentially combustible.
  • Use flame-retardant fabrics and materials for sound absorption/isolation (eg, curtains, fiberglass panels). Do not use bedding or packing materials.
  • Check your corridor length: Ideally, dead end corridors shall not exceed 20’ in length.
  • Have 2 exits: Venues hosting 1-500 Occupants typically need a minimum of 2 exits. In multi story venues, most city codes require two points of egress on each floor (typically, the main exit stairwell and a fire escape on each floor.) The exits have to be separated by a min distance, which may vary based on location. One at each end of building is a good first pass.
  • Install emergency lighting along your exit (egress) paths. Include 1-2 fixtures on each path, with battery backup in case the power goes out. If you install exit lighting, signage it may help to install it low (1-2 feet up) to the ground. When there is smoke, you likely can’t see and will be moving low to the ground,
  • Install sprinklers, if you are able and empowered to do so. It is possible to instal a DIY residential sprinkler system, but it is ideal to to hire a local design/build fire protection contractor to handle all drawings, installation and fire inspection.
  • Building Upgrade Required, Prickly or Uncertain Owner - arm yourself with information. Get an estimate for design and installation of a sprinkler system including inspection fees. If in Oakland, KIVA Oakland provides micro-loans up to $5000. KIVA operates in several cities. The City of Oakland will work with groups to arrive at compliant solution. But before approaching the City, show commitment by investing in extinguishers and emergency exit signs (you bought them, you own them). Get the space spic-and-span to show commitment to order. Approach KIVA with loan application (but do not submit); Approach City of Oakland with upgrade intent (conversation only) Once Oakland and KIVA give verbal blessing, approach landlord with desire to upgrade and that you will invest in the sprinkler but wish a 5-year lease with no rent increase during that time. The agreement should include if the owner sells, the owner is obligated to pay back the cost of the sprinkler.




  • Limit the number of attendees based on your venue's size. (For a generic capacity estimate, assume you’ll need a minimum of 5 square feet per person in the common areas.
  • Measure the square footage of public space in your building and divide by 5 - the result is the number of people you can allow in at one time.) Staff the entrances/exits to make sure it doesn’t get too full.
  • Announce the location of exits before and during each event.
  • Do not allow smoking, candles, pyrotechnics, fireworks, incense, or any open flame indoors. Suggest alternatives for smokers (abstention, vaping, nicotine patch, gum, edibles, etc.) especially if you cannot provide an adequate outdoor smoking area.
  • Have an emergency plan (fire, flood, earthquake, active shooter, etc.). Have people in place who know what to do. Make sure these people are easily identifiable. If something goes wrong at an event, visitors need to know who can help.
  • Ask your community for support. Many of us are contractors, electricians, plumbers, construction workers, architects, firefighters, acousticians, food safety experts, etc. who might be willing to at least evaluate your conditions, suggest options, or rank the urgency of changes needed. Offer an exchange based on what you can afford. For example, you might offer free admission for an agreed duration or number of events, or organize a fundraiser to compensate community members for their labor and expertise. Ask if anyone is willing and able to help pro bono or create a payment plan if you truly have no alternative. Just talk to your people and work it out.
  • Communicate accessibility (or inaccessibility) information on event promotions, especially in media like Facebook where unlimited text is allowed. That way, attendees can consent in advance to the conditions they'll experience in the venue. Some specifics to note:
    • Wheelchair accessibility of venue & restrooms (When bathrooms are inaccessible, you can rent an accessible port-a-potty. Ramps are rentable from medical supply stores and drugstores for $30-40.)
    • Primary languages of performance or text content; availability of ASL or international language interpretation
    • All-gender restrooms, or gendered restrooms
    • Scent-free space or Scented products used
    • All-Ages or Age-Restricted
    • Space for breast feeding/pumping, diaper-changing
    • Allergens: pets, plants, etc.
    • Availability or un-availability of drug use harm reduction supplies (needle drop box, Naloxone kits, clean needle exchange, etc.)




  • Offer support to local venues if you are able to share skills and expertise in building safety. Clarify up front your credentials, your availability, any personal or professional boundaries, and compensation expectations (pro bono, trade/barter, or cash). Don’t be shy to expect compensation for your efforts. Your hard work and wisdom are worth it.
  • Ask venues how you can help in other ways: organize and attend work parties; fundraise or get materials for improvements.
  • Make a plan. When you first get to a place that you haven't been before, consider possible dangers such as fire, earthquake, flood, active shooter, etc. Figure out where exits are and make quick emergency plans.
  • Be aware of people with mobility concerns when you attend public events. This includes those with disabilities, children, elders, people who are intoxicated. It is standard emergency-protocol to keep oneself safe first when an emergency is actually taking place, but in non-emergencies we can all be more aware of each other's needs when we are together.
  • Speak up. We have begun to establish a culture where it is considered helpful and welcome to demand safer spaces that are free of behavioral threats, such as gender-based and sexual harassment, abuse, assault, misogyny, homophobia, transmisogyny, transphobia, racism, xenophobia, ableism, fatphobia, ageism, classism, and bigotry in all its forms. We must also include literal building and life safety in our demands to keep our spaces safer. It is integral to disability justice, as well as overall community safety. If you witness questionable conditions, investigate - you deserve to understand. If you know something is dangerous, call it out immediately and demand change so the venue can become a safer space for your whole community.



  • SAFERSPAC.ES - Post offers or requests for venue safety support, from a DIY perspective
  • 1+ - An established nonprofit clearinghouse of architects, engineers, and other allied professionals who are interested in providing general pro-bono design services








Phil Armstrong
Zackery Belanger
Mike Bray
John Britt
Patton Christofides
Jonathan Darr
Mallory Ditchey
Kevin Erickson
June Grant
Ken Koense
Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha
Moose Lane
Jodi Layne
Jay Linski
Donna Ozawa
S. Porter
Kristen Ray
Stephanie Syjuco
Paulina Wilkowska

Reflections on the Oakland Tragedy

We're all devastated by the tragedy in Oakland last weekend. As an arts collective that is running a space that could be described with some of the same phrases used in descriptions of the 'Oakland Ghost Ship': "vibrant community space", "eclectic mix of artists and musicians", etc, we are heartbroken and horrified as the details emerge. But this is also a wake up call to the entire "underground music scene" in aggregate, everyone involved in any capacity in any of these sorts of events, whether it's booking, managing, performing, or simply attending: we need to look out for each other, for our friends and everyone else, which means first and foremost paying attention to the basic safety of the spaces we use. It's the responsibility of each of us to point out hazards and potential safety issues in the spaces we love, and make sure that they are dealt with. It's mostly common sense stuff: smoke alarms, exit signs, emergency lighting, fire resistant building materials.  

Our entire existence as an organization has been motivated by the need for safe, accessible, and affordable spaces, so we have made physical safety a priority from the beginning, and done everything possible to maximize the safety of the space. We also try our best to be pro-active and prompt in dealing with potential hazards as they appear, and to continually improve our ability to foresee and plan for emergencies that might occur.  We are convinced of the vital importance of creative hubs, community gathering places, and self-organized culture, and also that if there are no safe and legal spaces available for these uses, they will be more likely to occur in substandard and unsafe conditions. Socially and economically marginalized groups looking for places to gather, without being harassed or targeted, tend to have even fewer options and are particularly in need of safe, protected spaces. More strict enforcement of fire and building codes will tend to push cultural organizations into potentially even less safe conditions, without a willingness to help bring these spaces up to minimum safety standards rather than simply shutting them down.  At the same time, all of us involved in the scene need to do whatever we can to improve the safety of our own spaces.

In the aftermath of the Oakland disaster, a self-audit of DIY spaces is already underway - here's a list of harm reduction strategies that has been developed as a public google doc over that last few days, which is in a 'working draft' state and still being updated, but very helpful and well-organized:

Here's an archived snapshot of that document from Dec.5 2016, in case the above link expires.

Red Gate "Official Opening" Sept. 21 2013

C. Diab 2:00pm
Drogue 2:30pm
Waters 3:00pm
Pan 3:30 pm
Ian William Craig 4:00pm

Erma 4:30pm
Khingfisher 5:00pm
Martyrs 5:30pm
Lt. Frank Dickens 6:00pm
Nikki Hellmore 6:30pm
Johnny de Courcy 7:00pm
Hallow Moon 7:45pm
Malcolm Jack 8:45pm
Gal Gracen 9:30pm


Gretchen Snakes 10:15pm
Other Jesus 10:45pm
Cowards 11:15pm
Lié 12:15am
Shearing Pinx 1:15am

Lisa Frank
Dr. Spiny

855 E. Hastings

accessibility information:
•one wheelchair accessible bathroom
•a short ramp going from a hallway into the mainroom
•front door is a single door, may not be able to accommodate a large wheelchair or scooter


February 1st, 2013

Wow that took a lot longer than we imagined it would. Almost exactly a year ago we sent a proposal to the mayor and council to lease their building on Industrial Ave, and it took them until a couple of weeks ago to finally let us know that they would be declining our offer. The same day, we put our long prepared 'plan b' into effect, and put an offer on this space at 855 East Hastings, a 7500 sq.ft. former food services facility:


After some back and forth we've come to an agreement, gone to City Hall and got a business license, and finally today we signed the lease (3 years only, more on this later) and got the keys.  Official occupancy date is Feb. 1st.


Our good friends at ROYGBIV are being evicted tomorrow, so the timing is pretty good from that point of view, we've more or less amalgamated and together we're looking forward to looking forward together!! Special thanks to everyone who came to our fundraisers, donated or otherwise gave us encouragement and helped us stay sane and positive for all those many months in the wilderness - we literally couldn't have done it without you!


Here's a walkthrough of the space, "before"

petition results

alphabetical sort by surname
A, G re- red gate!
A., Orla allowing red gate to lease this building is a small but significant step the city can take in securing more affordable spaces for artists in vancouver.
Abbott, Michael moooo.
Abugov, Jamie Vancouver needs this space. There is no more genuinely dedicated crew of local cultural engineers in town. Tried, tested and true. Full respect and support!
Aiello, Daniela Walk your talk on supporting artists Vision Vancouver. At the very least re-engaging the Red Gate collective on this conversation is a way to make right their unfair subjection to both, your broader practice of privileging developers in general, but also your disorganized mesh of ordinances, and code bureaucracy that made it impossible for the collective to operate in good faith.
Aktug, Eren Sounds rad to me.
Allard, Megan Please support local artists!
Allen, Shawn .
Alm, Christina I support this petition to find a new home for Red Gate collective
Anderson, Christopher Art needs better support in this city. We need cultural places and spaces. Sports have enough government supported venues.
Andrew, Jeff !
Andrich, Tuesday The Red Gate deserves a new home!
Anon, Tom I loved the redgate, so much fun there. What do you intend on doing with the space? I might be able to help. You can't sleep in it though. You can't throw parties in there. And it has to be kept clean as a city inspector has been frequently checking it, due to those reasons.
Antrim, Sean Let the Red Gate use this space. Also, stop kicking people out of other spaces.
Aoki, Maria Thank you.
Apostoli, Rebecca I fully support the Red Gate in their efforts to procure (affordable) art space in Vancouver! Send a message to the artistic community that we are not forgotten. Please rent this property to the Red Gate Community Arts Center.
Arcand, Joi I support this.
Armitt, Toby Please keep Red Gate in Vancouver!
Aspa, Jonelle Let artists work!!!
Athena allan-mccachen, Rose The Red Gate provided me with a space in which to hold some of my first photography shows, where I gained experience as a curator and burgeoning artist in a safe and welcoming environment. I am now set to graduate from a BFA in photography at Concordia University, and I'm grateful for the existence of the Red Gate in setting me on that path. The Red Gate is an important resource for young artists in Vancouver, and I deeply hope that the Red Gate continues to operate well into the future, for an inspired and creative Vancouver.
Atkinstall, Matt if you can dj at glory days you can pretend to care about artists, too.
Awan, Tahina The city should respond and support the efforts of those who wish to make the city a richer place for many.
B, Caroline Support artist run culture and community in Vancouver!!!
B, Raquel Make art, not drama.
B, Ryan I may move soon, and get out of this one horse town
Baal, Abra to make a Vancouver a supporting environment for the arts which I know as one of Vision Vancouver's goals, allowing artists access to rental spaces would be a good start. So do it.
Baeza, Andrea I miss the Redgate.
Bain, Lili This is very important to me, Vancouver is known for it's grass roots arts Nationally. They need to be supported.
Baker, Alexis The Red Gate was a wonderful, productive space for artists. Metro Vancouver- Vision Vancouver- Mr Roberston- many of your best artists are not rich! Many of them are no known to you! but you must let them have a space. Please support them in this tiny way that any other cool Canadian city has done for their artists- let them have an affordable space.
Balkwill, Holly Support
Bardach, Norman I fully support the leasing of idle City-owned properties to locally based arts initiatives- Collectives such as the Red Gate group of arts persons are integral to the development of Vancouver's cultural identity. Throughout our local arts history developing artists and groups have occupied collective spaces and from these group occupations some of our brightest creative lights have emerged. This is in my opinion a winning initiative for the City of Vancouver. Revenue will come in while decisions are made regarding the futures of City-owned properties rather than having them stand vacant. Arts organizations can easily re-locate as properties are eventually sold or re-developed.
Barkar, Viktor We, the undersigned, wish to express our support to the Red Gate collective in their efforts to secure this location, as an independent, inclusive, affordable, artist-run cultural production facility.
Barker, Allison There is more to this city than movies and mountains; let there be music!
Bassett, Jandy We need to protect artist spaces in Vancouver
Bassler, Dylan The city does not have enough affordable artist place, we really need more. I'm an artist in Vancouver, its hard. This space could help meany people and would be a great asset to the city.
Batchoun, Victoria for support of the Red Gate
Battocchio, Rae Funding and facilitation for the arts in this city is shameful for such a progressive world-class city!!! Give artists a chance to develop and promote their skills by allowing this to be an artist's work space!
Beaudoin, Stephanie Red gate was definately one of my fave places to be. Being able to support the arts has always been important to me & it is very rare to find such a space to do so. I really hope that the city will continue to support the arts as what is life without art?
Beaudry, Maya The red gate is an incredibly valuable resource to the creative community. Please help them make this new space a reality.
Beckett, Deryck Give us a space
Bee, Steph As a past citizen of Vancouver and familiar with this community of artists I support them fully and only hope they receive the space and respect they so deserve
Bent, Jordan one the most important things in our environment is environment,space for both culture and connection. If we cannot afford this, than their is nothing to say for the cities voices. Its character of spirit are not cultivated and embraced, then all we have is a thin glass shell without meaning and hands.
Bentsianov, Maksim for Red gate!
Bertin, Kelsey A crucial aspect of culture for Vancouver.
Besler, Ben walk the talk please city hall.
Bird, Stephaney It's bullshit! Good luck everyone!
Birk, Heidi To whom it may concern, I am a long time resident of East Vancouver and an avid purveyor and supporter of the arts. Enabling the rental of this building will be a step in the right direction; a sign that our city does in fact have it's residents in mind, and considers that this is a generation in need of stimulating outlets in which they can showcase their talents, dance in a safe environment and feel supported in their business endeavors. The rental prices in this city are becoming frighteningly indicative of a bland future for the financially challenged...myself included. Let's let these little pockets of creativity flourish where we's to a more interesting, inclusive and dynamic future for this beautiful city! <3
Bizness, Jamie Pretty please with a cherry on top of the large coiler that we received last time
Blakley, Kim I feel that the availability of space to allow artists to work is crucial. It would be a sad day indeed when we don't allow young artists to have their voice...
Blakley, Reid Do your part to stop Vancouver's cultural crisis!
Blatt, Shannon Please recognize the value and importance of art and artists.
Boe, Scotty I have been a member of the Red Gate collective for some time now and have found it to be an invaluable resource for the development of my artistic and organizational skills. To have been there while we lost our last space and to witness the resolve members of the collective have shown in the challenge of obtaining a new space has been quite inspirational. This is not an issue that will ever go away. As long as the city of Vancouver continues to push its artists out of the city to move somewhere where it is actually possible to achieve goals, there will be a core of people fighting for the same rights in this city. It does great harm to Vancouver or any city for that matter to remove its culture creating artist community. It is time to act on this issue so we can finally move forward and to stop with this seemingly endless bureaucratic quagmire which is hindering progress.
Borecky, Mythra signing!!
Boterman, Hilary
Bott, Razz Please we need new spaces for artists that's what's makes vancouver such a great place to be
Boucher, Samantha I support this petition 100%
Boulanger, Eugene Let it happen!!!
Bowen, Matt I support Red Gate in their efforts to find real estate for their creative community.
Bowen, Severn <3
Braaksma, Emily As one of the world most livable cities, I feel that Vancouver needs to offer affordable spaces where our art culture can thrive. It is one way it will continue to be regarded as great place to live.
Brander, Conrad I have been to City Of Vancouver meetings and discussions where there has been professed a desire to support the arts and remove our reputation of a 'No Fun City'. While I have been seeing movement in this direction, the granting of this request for rental space would do much additional good for the various artists and collectives that operate with and through the Red Gate. Please give consideration to this request, thank you.
Breternitz, Eva Word!
Brown, Ian As someone who lives 3 blocks away and has been familiar with Red Gate, I'm looking forward to welcoming them into the neighborhood and am very confident that it will improve the community feel in the area immensely. I've been to the space and I believe it will be a perfect fit for what Red Gate is hoping to accomplish.
Brown, Lindsay Good plan.
Brown, Niki The lack of art spaces in Vancouver has been a well known problem for years. Please allow The Red Gate to rent 281 Industrial Ave and assume the lease at the same rate as the previous arts tenants.
Bryant, Eva When I was still in high school, around 2005, some friends of mine(the Winks, Apollo Ghosts pre that name) were looking for someone to pay a minimal amount to share a corner of their studio. I paid $50 a month and started painting like mad on the second(or 3rd? my memory's bad) floor of what was later to become known as red gate. Without this little studio, i'd never have been part of the Parliament of Owls collective that allowed me to put work in my first group shows. I had a solo show in Washington State and at a coffee shop in Van of paintings that were all done at Red Gate. Having a studio at Red Gate was the catalyst for me applying to art school. I'm just about to graduate with a BFA from NSCAD in Halifax. I want to move back to Vancouver in September, and hope to move back to a place where I can again find an affordable art studio and continue my work. I hope Red Gate and facilities like it will still be in operation, they are so important for the continuation of a vibrant arts community. This new space looks beautiful.
Budd, Alyson We need this venue!
Budd, Kim Save the culture and creative community of Vancouver!
Budden, Ridley Vancouver has a dearth of all-ages music venues and art spaces, and the Red Gate has really helped to fill these gaps in the past.
Burnside, Michael don't worry guys: if you let the red gate stay a while your rich friends' can sell their condos for more money with hip names and fonts and such...
Burrus, Adrian I support Red Gate's efforts
Butler, Mark Rent out this space please
C., Cate I fully support the Red Gate ressurection and you should too.
Calderon, Davey As an artist I am appalled at a city that refuses to help enrich it's cultural identity. If the closure of the Vancouver Playhouse and the loss of Red Gate's previous location is accepted in the face of a multi-million dollar renovation of BC Place roof, it shows how the City's priorities are a skewed. Please, do the right thing and allow artists to have a place.
Calisal, Deniz Red Gate is a valuable cultural institution to many in Vancouver. I strongly recommend its continued existence to promote a vibrant arts community.
Callaghan, Ed we need more support for the arts in this over priced city
Camerob, Paulette Support our artists
Cameron, Josefa I completely supprt the Red Gate in this progressive action.
Campagna, David The Red Gate has been a focal point in the local art and music scene in vancouver. this new space will revitalize the creative community which is the real core to our cultural identity here in vancouver.
Cantrell, Chris Let's help sustain cultural commodities.
Capistrano, Alexandra A competitive, successful city is a creative city. We need artists, and they need their space.
Carr, Steph Space looks great.
Carrico, Anatolia upward and onward! we can breathe new life into this area.
Carrico, Jim
Carrico, Pat I support this plan - you should too!
Carrico, Ruby Yay new red gate!
Carroll, Steve the people need this space, c'mon do the right thing
Carruthers, Step Spaces like this are much-needed!
Celotto, Lisa This looks like an ideal location for the Red Gate. Please accept this proposal.
Chaa, Alicia Red Gate is an essential hubb for the art/cultural identity of East Vancouver. Having this space would allow to strengthen a community that has been setting the bar for culture in Vancouver.
Chan, Man-Ted more affordable housing
Chanana, Ryan Don't let the red gate die!
Chant, Christina .
Chaotic grey, Julian Red gate has provided some of the most diverse enjoyable and mentally stimulating music/art events I have ever seen, ANd I don't throw around praise like that lightly.
Chapman, Aaron Good luck.
Chapman, Richard Do the right thing.
Chau, Jessica I support the revival of Red Gate.
Childs, Brynna Sounds good to me.
Chipman, Merlyn The Red Gate has been an important part of my life for years. It is a cultural hub where artists can gather, create and share. We have accomplished so much with so little. It is time that the City of Vancouver recognized our contribution to the local landscape. Merlyn Chipman
Cho, Heather As an emerging, independent artist I must rely on these type of public studios in order to keep my practices alive as I cannot afford a studio of my own yet. Please do not quell our creative thirst by disallowing the Red Gate to obtain this location.
Chow, Don Without places like Red Gate all remaining artists will have no choice but to abandon the City of Vancouver.
Chunn, Rebecca In support of the Red Gate collective I would like to address my concerns about the their recent eviction from 152-156 W. Hastings Street. I believe that affordable rental and artist-run space in Vancouver is vital for the cultural well being and developement of the city's interurban community. It is truly unfortunate the state of affairs in regards to affordable studio space in Vancouver.Renoviction is not a solution and it leaves many ceative people in our community at a loss. This approach to evicting tenants and raising the rental rates is unjust. The long term implications of losing affordable cultural space in our city have not been properly considered.
Clarke, Paul Please make this happen.
Cleland, Jenny ya
Code, Daniel Lets make this happen. It's important for artists to have a space where they can work and create art. The arts community in a very important part of Vancouver's cultural sustainability.
Cogan, Ora This is a vital collective for arts and culture in Vancouver. it is critical that they have a space.
Coghill, Jess Vancouver's artists, no matter what discipline, are desperate for spaces that are affordable and functional. Red Gate has proven to be an integral part of the Vancouver Arts and Music Community and knowing that this possibility exists gives me hope for the culture of this city. Please work with Red Gate and it's community to create a space where artists can thrive in Vancouver.
Cohoe, Adrienne this is such a good idea. you have my full utmost support. lets bring back such a great space to create share, love and inspire each other. we arent doing anything wrong so the government needs to recognize this and let you rent the space. we will all come together again soon im sure of it. positivity love and light sent for this cause !
Colclough, Alison Thank you for your support towards artists in Vancouver, I know you'll supply these amazing people with a space to create and express. Cheers!
Coleman, Lomie This is necessary.
Collins, Bryan This is a great idea run by great people. Let's make it happen Vancouver!
Collins, John Vancouver needs this.
Collis, Andrea I lived in Vancouver for 6 years, while attending UBC. Centres for arts are vital for inspiring community spirit, and increasing social capital. Please don't require a cultural centre of such history and positive impact, that took years and years to build, to dismantle and disappear. Thank you for taking serious consideration to our input.
Colpitts, Geoffrey The red gate was an interesting place for me to perform at. The show I did there was frequented by an audience that valued both the band and their own participation in the music. I support their attitude and it seems from the writeup for this petition that they are reasonable people who deserve an answer at the very least, and certainly the consideration of the city council for being an established arts organization. These things don't grow on trees.
Cooper, Alex !!!!!!!
Cooper, Megg I support the Red Gate and its mission to acquire a new space in which to operate.
Copithorne, Judith good idea
Corbo, Natalie Cultural production facilities are seriously lacking in Vancouver. Supporting Red Gate is vital to Vancouver's artistic community. Thank you, Natalie
Cordingley, Sarah Art, music & culture require space!
Corsie, Meghan Vancouver needs artist communities like RedGate to exist and work, thus contributing to the culture of our city.
Corsie, Sarah Along with mulitple vancouver artists, I am one more asking the city for the opportunity to let creative thought process flow in a safe space with abundance. To fill our home base with color and free thinking, I plan to stay a believer. Many thanks for your time and considerate thoughts.
Costa lopes, Paulo Henrique All For Art.
Cox, Charles Please save local culture and art!!!
Cox, Sean hope for the best
Craddock, Cameron For a city with so much media based income, the ability to practice the arts in all forms affordably is imperative.
Crompton, Nathan pro-redgate
Crowe, Josh .
Cullen, Jeff Art for Art's sake Money for God's sake
Cunningham, Thomas This city is desperately in need of more alternative art/music venues
Dahl, Chris Vancouver needs more of this.
Dainow, Evie I support the Red Gate!
Daley, Tara Xxx
Dalrymple, Jane the red gate is a rad place, that i truly hope finds a home soon! all the best!
Dangelo, Sylvana i wish to sign the petition
Davenport, Dawn Save Red Gate!
Davies, Bronwyn The Red Gate needs a new space!
Dawson, Deb Vancouver rents make it next to impossible for artists to survive. The City needs to devote some space for working artists, in my opinion.
De bree, Simon Dear City of Vancouver, Do the right thing.
De fabrizio, Ryan The city needs more artist spaces and the people at Red Gate know how to make it viable.
Deserochers, Dominique From the perspective of an out-of-towner having experienced the Red Gate as one of the most interesting places to see and be in Vancouver, it needs a new home.
Desiree, Erynn yes
Diab, Caton Essential for cultural survival. Save Vancouver.
Diamond, James save red gates,what a shame it had to be was beautiful and needs to shine again.
Dobsinsky, Natalie I hope this works
Drillot, Nathan As part of a local film production company called Salazar and a co founder and director of Little Mountain Gallery I can not stress how important spaces like this are to the Arts community in Vancouver. We turn down dozens of requests a month at Little Mountain due to lack of space or time from people looking for art studios, practice space, filming locations, etc. I also know that I would benefit greatly if Red Gate offered production studio space to Film and Photography shoots! I can't stress enough how much Vancouver needs this!
Duguay, Michelle Support arts and culture!
Dutton, James Go for you got my vote
Dykeman, Donna We, the undersigned, wish to express our support to the Red Gate collective in their efforts to secure this location, as an independent, inclusive, affordable, artist-run cultural production facility. The lack of affordable studio space in Vancouver has become a crisis, and we feel that this is a necessary and appropriate step which the city can take to help alleviate this.
Dzierzawa, Samuel We need this.
E, Mark Fully support
E., Natalie A great opportunity for local government to foster Vancouver's creative community.
E., Todd Much love to the RG
Easthom, Robyn The time has come to be for the city to be 'for the people'. And to 'support the people'.
Edmunds, Daniel This organization is crucial in helping young artists develop and grow. To ignore this cry for help would be a great disappointment and a failure to recognize a democratic process. Please help.
Edmunds, Sean No comment.
Edwards, Adina Please consider this request!
Eijsermans, Mark Places like the Red Gate are vital seeds for the cultural growth of Vancouver.
Ellerbeck, Delean J Redgate member #77
Ellis, Keah The growth and development of artists and the Vancouver culture that is envied over the world depends on spaces like the REDGATE.
Emmerson, Jesse support
Eryvine, Kevin The arts social scene in this town has long been largely responsible for generating a cultural presence that has served to thicken the skin of this municipality's quite unique real estate bubble.
Estable, Chak Make it happen, Robertson!
F, Louise save the red gate
Faqeri, Mariam
Feagin jr., Benjamin Previous patron the red gate space. I agree there is a serious lack of cultural space, and further a lack of funding and consideration for these organizations. I am disappointed that the City of Vancouver is not upholding its title of "most livable city".
Fehr, Poib I support Red Gate and the proliferation of affordable artist-run cultural centers in Vancouver.
Feldman, Aiya art lasts longer than money
Felling, Leanne red gate is amazing
Ffrench, Arlin please let there be a home for artist run art and culture.
Ffrench, Caitlin .
Field, Amy We could use some more culture, let the artists have some space
Field, Micah This is a wonderful space that has provided countless fun, safe and entertaining times. They aren't hurting anyone, let them do what they love for the people that love it!
Fisher, Blake Bring it back!
Fleming, David Give Red gate move.
Fletcher, Tim I live with an entire house of people who support this!
Flodstrom, Shanah Good luck!
Flynn, Cristine The City needs a New Red Gate. Its not the same with out it
Folvik, Robin xx
Ford, Logan It is essential to the well being of our communities to support the arts in all their forms.
Ford, Michlle Support the arts/
Fornier-hanlon, Jeremy Affordable housing will lead to a decline in homelessness (obviously), which in turn improves the appearance of our city and quality of life, causing it to be more attractive to tourists, thus increasing revenue for the city.
Fowler, Brooke Please support local artists.
Fox, Lana what he said...
Francey, Jovian The Red Gate is unique in the scope of it's cultural contributions and has been valuable and necessary for the artists involved. They have always shown a willingness to work with the city to provide a safe venue that respects the needs of the community. They are ideal candidates for a building with such potential.
Fraser, Alex The people who organize the Red Gate have great intentions to improve the art scene in Vancouver. You would be benefiting many artists and people of all interests by leasing/renting this space to them. Thank you.
Fraser, Kimmy please help to support the art community of vancouver
Frazer, Derek please
Frazer, Mikeal Please heed the call for adequate and affordable artist spaces. We love you.
Frederick, Waylon !
Frewer, Paige As an artist who's been practising and working in Vancouver for several years, I've faced the kind of struggles for space that the Red Gate community describes here. As a Vision supporter myself, I trust that our city council will deliver on their commitments to facilitate the kind of arrangements proposed above. I support this proposal wholeheartedly.
Frison, Kyle I support this
Fritz, John Vancouver needs this, arts and culture venues in this city is dwindling. Please let the red gate re-open.
Fulber, Royce The loss of such facilities which enable cultural grown is a shame as should be supported rather than disassembled for profit... Give back to the community for te community will give back to you....
G, Dylan Please rent this space the the Red Gate.
Gatzke, Meaghan Supporting the Red Gaters!
Gauthier, Christopher City owned buildings sitting vacant do not make sense if an eager Arts organization is waiting. Why does this happen?
Gauthier, Tim Something MUST happen soon to curb the ridiculous rental market in this city.
Gavina, Shay We, the undersigned, wish to express our support to the Red Gate collective in their efforts to secure this location, as an independent, inclusive, affordable, artist-run cultural production facility. The lack of affordable studio space in Vancouver has become a crisis, and we feel that this is a necessary and appropriate step which the city can take to help alleviate this.
Gerberick, Ken Please let Red Gate collective have the space at 281 Industrial Ave.
Gerofsky, Susan Arts and artists are the life of the city. I'm a part-time musician (and full-time university professor), and I know how hard it is to find venues for our concerts and music/ dance events. Let's support the Red Gate as a vibrant artist-run centre!
Gitt, Natalie Support this.
Gladysz, Jamison Gentrification involves the transition of inner-city neighbourhoods from a status of relative poverty and limited property investment to a state of commodification and reinvestment. This paper reconsiders the role of artists as agents, and aestheticisation as a process, in contributing to gentrification, an argument illustrated with empirical data from Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Because some poverty neighbourhoods may be candidates for occupation by artists, who value their afford ability and mundane, off-centre status, the study also considers the movement of districts from a position of high cultural capital and low economic capital to a position of steadily rising economic capital. The paper makes extensive use of Bourdieu's conceptualisation of the field of cultural production, including his discussion of the uneasy relations of economic and cultural capitals, the power of the aesthetic disposition to valorise the mundane and the appropriation of cultural capital by market forces. Bourdieu's thinking is extended to the field of gentrification in an account that interprets the enhanced valuation of cultural capital since the 1960s, encouraging spatial proximity by other professionals to the inner-city habitus of the artist. This approach offers some reconciliation to theoretical debates in the gentrification literature about the roles of structure and agency and economic and cultural explanations. It also casts a more critical historical perspective on current writing lauding the rise of the cultural economy and the creative city.
Glass, Caitlin What would we do without art, music, flim, photography and the written word in our life? Give it a chance.
Glavacic, Mario I encourage the City of Vancouver to seriously consider Red Gate's proposal to rent the space at 281 Industrial. As a member of Open Studios I have worked with many passionate people who in the past 10 years have have made the surrounding area a vibrant artistic community in the audio and visual arts. WIth such spaces as Open Studios, VIVO, The Western Front, Centre for Digital Media, EATart and many other galleries and art collectives calling this area home I sincerely believe that Red Gate would be an asset to the community and provide another unique perspective in the creation and dissemination of various forms of art.
Glen, Barry Vancouver needs spaces like the Red Gate for artist to be able to express there craft.
Glick, Jordan I support the red gate.
Goddyn, Luis Please move to mitigate the effects of city-mandated renoviction on Vancouver's fragile arts and performance culture. Affordable space like this is becoming almost nonexistent in the city, and this is a great opportunity and ideal location for this group.
Goebel, Lisa We need space to create art to make our province artistically and culturally diverse.
Goh, Kajin If the City is at all serious in its offered promises to put its back behind culture, then they should definitely put themselves behind agreeing to let Red Gate lease this space. The last few months have opened up a considerable crater for Vancouver's arts and culture since Red Gate were forced to close the doors on their former space in the DTES. Me and pretty much ALL my friends can see no reasonable pretext on which to refuse them this opportunity to significantly expand and enrich the local and POTENTIALLY (owing to rent increases and constrictive, flawed bylaw restrictions) thriving arts and culture scene in this city.
Gold, Adam The City of Vancouver should support the legitimate occupancy of affordable spaces by local artists, because if they are not legitimately supported, they will inevitably exist in illegitimate or in other words, potentially unsafe ways. As the City has cited safety issues as causes of concern in the operation of artist run spaces in the past, they should help these spaces to exist safely by helping them exist in legitimate and safe ways rather than by encouraging artists to run spaces underground with substandard and unauthorized conditions. Refusing this support contradicts the City's artistic aspirations. Some of the most exciting art in the city is being made by the Red Gate collective, and it's in the City's best interests to help them secure 281 Industrial Avenue as an affordable, artist-run facility.
Gold, Sara the need for this space is great, with many talented local artists looking to hone and develop their craft within it. a necessity for any city looking to be seen as a cultural hub.
Goldberg, Ashley Come on Vancouver city.
Goodman, Alena I support Red Gate.
Goodspeed, Simon Invest in local arts.
Gorodetsky, Ben Please, let's save vancouver's art and culture before it is permanently eroded by commercialization.
Gorrie, Joel More affordable space for artists!
Gotro, Sarah I willing support this iconic space and what it's done for our city
Gould, Nikki I think this cause is very important to the arts community.
Green, Mary there is no life without Art.
Greer, Alexandra Red gate rocks!
Gregory, Emma Redgate is the best, ask anyone who's been there.
Griese, Sue Potters are really having difficulty finding a space that kilns can be hooked up to or that other artists will let in due to the dust. Lets have a building that there are limits to the medium you work in. The mergatriod building is one of the few left for potters and there is no space available there except one that someone is subleting but doesn't want a potter of woodworker.
Grigoruk, Terence It would benefit this city greatly to have spaces like this, to facilitate the development of artists and the artistic community, and as a space for a variety of exhibitions, performances, workshops, and all manners of events which will help foster this city's culture.
Gronlund, Serena Not only does Red Gate provide a space to support the arts community, it is also a home to many artists, musicians and friends. I hope the city will acknowledge what a special and unique - not to mention AFFORDABLE - cultural space it truly is. If this doesn't get approved not only will it enforce the idea of "no fun city" but also strip away at the quality of lives for those in or around the community.
Guenette, Marc please, this gentrification of Vancouver is out of control! Help us roll back the tide...
Guimond, Justin Let's lose the "No-Fun City" name!
H, Catherine If Vancouver wants to become a more progressive city it really needs to start supporting it's artists instead of making it impossible to have affordable studio spaces. We've already lost so many great spaces just because the city would rather build condos instead of having a thriving art community. Get your priorities straight!
H, J It is of great interest to any city to consider the importance of building and nurturing a local arts and culture scene. A city cannot survive without culture for the people.
H, Miria save this space.
H. thompson, Nina 152-156 W. Hastings Street - Red Gate collective - why has this character building not recognized as a heritage building? Has the Heritage Foundation been contacted? We must lobby for both the municipality and the provincial government to fund the renovation of older buildings. It is our history after all. Maybe a deal can be made with the City that funds will be raised for renovations combined with volunteers to reduce the cost. It appears that many individuals like this space that was affordable.
Hachkowski, Yvonne n/a
Hagge, Peter I dream of an old growth culture of art in this city starting here
Haley, Rose This city needs the Red Gate.
Hallbom, Alex This is the kind of space that Vancouver needs to sell itself on the world stage. A vibrant and healthy art scene brings the sort of mobile and creative people that make a city pulse with energy.
Hallenbeck, Jessica yes! protect and promote collective art space in Vancouver. desperately needed.
Hamilton, Malloreigh The city talks a lot about supporting and encouraging arts and culture in Vancouver, but does not follow through. I'd like to see the COV actively supporting arts initiatives like the Red Gate's.
Hamilton, Taryn
Hannus, Liisa Please follow through on your commitment to artists in this city.
Hansen, Amanda To bring the culture back into vancouver it is essential that The City of Vancouver support local artists, for there is no culture without artists. The aesthetic of our culture is lacking due to the lack of space for new cultural production which is affordable and inclusive. Please help to nurture and fortify the existing and new generations of artist, so Vancouver can become once again a cultural hub of this country.
Hansen, Emily Vancouver cannot continue to focus exclusively on commercial profits to the exclusion of a broad spectrum of people and the culture they create and preserve. Without the people that impossibly high rents are driving out of Vancouver, the city will not be the city that is so valued, that drives up those very rents. Think about it.
Hansen, Karen I wish to express my support to the Red Gate collective in their efforts to secure this location, as an independent, inclusive, affordable, artist-run cultural production facility. The lack of affordable studio space in Vancouver has become a crisis, and I feel that this is a necessary and appropriate step which the city can take to help alleviate this.
Hansson broman, Moa yes!
Hardy, Jacob As a local musician, artist and performer, the Red Gate was an invaluable institution which allowed me to experiment and develop my craft freely. No other place in Vancouver allowed the kind of freedom and collaboration as Red Gate. The city has not been the same since it closed and I eagerly await the new opening.
Harrhy, Mike To whom it may concern, The city continues to promise more public art and spaces for artists. In many cases, this acts as a facade for gentrification, and those spaces are exclusive and ride on the tails of other development. Spaces like the Red Gate provide affordable and accessible space and community and are invaluable to the culture of this city. Please act in the interest of socially-minded and culturally active citizens.
Harris, Eva Let them rent it!
Harris, Matty Support the arts City of Vancouver already!!!
Harris, Stephen A city's only as healthy as it's cultural heartbeat. Maintaining affordable santuaries of artistic creation is essential to all Vancouverites. It's not only sound from an ethical perspective, but from a policy perspective as well. Without grassroots players like Red Gates, we'll continue losing our brightest talent to greener pastures, like Montreal. Our demands are modest, repay the voters trust by supporting our artists.
Harrison, Janet Vancouver needs the Red Gate.
Hart, Jack Give them a home!
Hartmann, Jeremy I support the Red Gate!
Hayes, Carter Affordable studio space is needed in the city of VANCOUVER.
Hazelbower, Martin The original Red Gate was one of the most well-used spaces I've ever seen. How can Vancouver claim to take pride in its artists if it denies them a place to work?
Healey, John Vancouver art community is in desperate need of affordable studio space!!!!
Hearty, Kim The Red Gate is already home to many Vancouverites and as such deserves a place in Vancouver. This request is very reasonable and would benefit all parties, while no other group could make better use of the space. Please make the plan for this site public immediately, and make it a good one: allow the Red Gate to continue operating as a grassroots, inclusive, artistic community. It's important.
Hegberg, Kale Support the red gate.
Hellewell, Christopher Long live the red gate...
Hepburn, Kathleen It is time for the city of Vancouver to recognize the importance of arts and culture development.
Hess, Amy We need more affordable and inclusive spaces to bring community together in this city.
Hiatt, Katelin we need this. hear us.
Higgins, Keith I believe that Red Gate will provide substantial cultural benefits to our community if the City is willing to provide modest assistance by expediting a lease agreement on the property in question, in line with policy goals which have already been stated by the Mayor and Council.
Higgs, Julia Please allow the Red Gate Collective to rent this building!
Hintz, Erich We need this back!
Hodder, Mike Yeeeeeah boyeeeeeee!
Holland, Suez Were this space on Industrial Avenue to be leased to the Red Gate, our company would rent it out for film studio space. We would be grateful if this location were granted the appropriate cultural status to allow an affordable rental rate.
Hopkins, Abbey .
Horn, Eli The Red Gate is an important institution within Vancouver and supporting it is certainly within the interests of the city. As Vancouver develops and grows economically it is must also work to grow culturally in order to grow into a balanced social space where residents feel welcome, healthy and creative. It is organizations like Red Gate which make this possible by nurturing the arts and facilitating alternatives to disposable consumer and imported mass media cultures.
Horner, Elizabeth The Red Gate is an important cultural, artistic, and social organization; securing this space would be valuable in providing affordable studio space and benefiting the community and city.
Hornland, Matthew This issue impacts many artists and arts related groups; please consider this and help make Vancouver a vibrant, artistic city.
Howe, Ann The city needs to support the arts and it's art community. Art= life
Hubbs, Connie Red Gate needs a home and this building needs a tenant. Let's work this out.
Hudson, Ming We are at a time when we are seeing many of Vancouver's cultural institutions either shutting their doors or struggling to survive in this economy. The only way to ensure the continued success of the arts in our city is to help artist gain access to affordable spaces in which they can create their work. At their old location, the Red Gate was a place of support and collaboration. By allowing them to secure this new location at an affordable rate, it will ensure that this spirit of community will continue. Art only increases the value of a city - don't let Vancouver loose another cultural landmark.
Hughes, Helen Is Vancouver going to be gentrified into being the most boring city in the world?
Huizing, Ryan Yes!!
Humphries, Robert Very little housing is available to the homeless already, the city can at least preserve what currently exists. The city has a choice, provide housing and keep the homeless off the streets or take away the current housing and live with the consequences of having people sleep in the streets, which will affect both tourism and the beauty of Vancouver. Either way the homeless are not going to leave Vancouver, since it is one of the only climates in Canada that they can actually live in and not freeze to death over night.
Hunniford, Clayton Hey, I would just like to say what a wonderful space the proposed site would be for artists of any kind including myself. I am an experimental musician in Vancouver and have been much inspired by past events at the Red Gate. Right now I don't have the financial means to be involved from the ground up but will attend as many future events, that the new Red Gate will hold, as I can. I know the Red Gate will once again offer a creative outlet unlike anywhere else in the city I hope they succeed in doing so. This is a great chance for the city to support artistic innovation and gathering/networking of truly inspiring people.
Hunt, Jason Production/Editorial space - on the small scale is key to developing more indigenous / local work that can employ others and support local businesses. Please help make this happen.
Hunter, Andrew Keep art and artists in the city.
Huot, Steph I agree with the need for affordable studio space in Vancouver.
Hutchings, Stephanie Vancouver NEEDS Red Gate!
Huynh, Emily Our city needs to address this crisis of gentrification and lack of support for arts and culture in Vancouver.
Hyrman, Daniela I have nothing nice to say, but other than that please let us have a space again. We're good kids.
Ibsen, Emily !
Ingram, Gordon Brent I request that Council of the City of Vancouver ask various City departments to investigate the situation around this building and to either off the building for rent to the Redgate Collective or rent to that group another City-owned warehouse or industrial building.
Inman, Serena Vancouver is losing it's touch of being a beautiful, unique city full of creative individuals. Everyone who makes music or art is leaving because the city can't even let us have our space. This is ridiculous, and we need to fight back.
Innes, Erin Lack of affordable space for artmaking and artists is a social and cultural safety hazard.
Jack, Andrew If you want to be taken seriously as a "world class city", rather than a dull and excessively restrictive backwater, make this an easy transition for these culture makers! Act soon, as the creative class has already begun a mass exodus from Vancouver.
Jackie, Janai Please encourage art in our communities by allowing the Red Gate access to this space.
Jackson, Clive I, the undersigned, wish to express our support to the Red Gate collective in their efforts to secure this location, as an independent, inclusive, affordable, artist-run cultural production facility.
Jackson, Paul If artistic spaces such as Red Gate cannot gain support from the City of Vancouver, they should not expect any support from their citizens. We need creative space!
Jamieson, Bryce let the artists use the space! cmon
Jandavs, Konrad In support of the Red Gate
Jardine, Catherine As an art and culture centre in Canada Vancouver needs to be able to support the ability of its artists to create and showcase their work.
Jardine, David Let us prevail
Jardine, Jeff .
Jarman, Aaron When talented good hearted people make this kind of concerted, persistent effort to work within the system and abide by rules, they deserve a fair shake.
Jeffrey, Scott Make it happen!
Johal, Sandeep Renovicting seniors, people with disabilies, low income residents, and artists from quickly diminishing affordable spaces does not a "livable" city make. I am embarrassed to be represented by a City who doesn't look after it's citizens needs. Something's gotta give and fast...
Johnson, Andrea I would love to support the Red Gate collective in their efforts to secure a new studio space.
Johnston, Aaron i hope it goes well!
Johnston, Ian More spaces, please.
Jolley, Arika we love and need the redgate!
Jones, Chad The City of Vancouver needs to put its money where its mouth is on support for the arts. This means more than pouring resources into large scale opera and theatre programming - it means recognizing the grassroots community based arts scenes that built the city's artistic reputation in the first place. Many artists can barely afford a room here, nevermind afford a work space. Spaces like the Red Gate are necessary for the long term viability of the arts in Vancouver. The city needs to respond to this request.
Jones, Ian This is a crisis that the city can help with.
Jones, Josiah prepare the red gates
Jones, Nathanael Save the arts!
Joseph, Dave Good luck in the fight!!!
Joss, Hale Help save the Red Gate and other groups like it! This city's culture and quality of life needs artists to perpetuate and contribute to it.
Jovanovic, Bo This space is absolutely necessary and vital to keeping the arts community alive in Vancouver. If you don't support new and relevant arts culture, the city will start to look less and less attractive to modern buyers everywhere. Then who will you lease million dollar decrepit industrial buildings to?
Joy, Nickolas I've always enjoyed Red Gate when I was living in Vancouver. It's important to a lot of people and I have a lot of great memories there.
Jugdeo, Melissa Please allow Red Gate to continue leasing 281 Industrial at the same rate as the previous tenants. Making studio spaces increasingly unaffordable in Vancouver is unacceptable.
Jutson, Jack The Red Gate is an essential part of Vancouver's cultural community. I want to see them secure this new location.
K, Casey Give'em Hell Guys, in the most productive and civilised way of course.
K, Gus In my experience, the people involved with the Red Gate are hard working artists who are enthusiastic and passionate about their art and community. Despite the recent set-backs, I encourage the city to negotiate with their collective for a new space such as this in order for their skills to flourish. It can only benefit the cultural fabric of Vancouver to offer these people an affordable studio space in which to create.
K., Shakila As a young buck full of energy, havoc, and creativity, I found a space behind a set of red gates. It became a place that I frequented and fell in love with. It allowed me to realize how important my own artistic expression was. Even after moving to another city, the inspiration I garnered from these experiences was the springboard for countless creative endeavors. I figured if the amazing community driven characters of the Red Gate could continue through relentless legal and financial obstacles, I could too. Now I'm back in the city. The diverse artistic talent that I know Vancouver still bursts with deserves to be seen, heard, felt, and most of all inspired, as I was. This space must open again by any means necessary! Its absence is grating!
Kaczmarski, Devin I am one of the founding members of submerged studios at 390 industrial ave. I support this cause
Kadjulik, Tams I am a sound designer. Studied at Vancouver Film school 2009. I found it hard to find work/studio space in Vancouver after 156 Hastings closed. The Red Gate is a strong community of very talented artists who deserve to have a workspace to share what Vancouver or even the West Coast has to offer in multi-media arts.
Kadman, Jason Vancouver needs this space badly.
Kalicharan, Saskia Save the Red Gate. Help preserve the roots of Van City! By providing a space for the veterans and budding artists of your city you are sustaining and nurturing the culture and creativity of your own people. The calibre of the artists affiliated with this space is quite superior and of International standards. Many of them have provided you with first-class entertainment for years! These are people with unlimited potential..creative geniuses, without a SPACE to create, practice, collaborate and exibit. It is unfortunate and tragic when the people who can adjudicate a matter as such, ignore the investment in one's own. These artists have sustained their own spaces for years, pumped their hard-earned money into each space to upkeep building standards, only to have these spaces taken away from them over and over again. Please help them secure a proper space so they can continue engaging the world with their art, all representative of the true Vancouver spirit.
Kamer, Fairlyn i wish to express my support to the Red Gate collective in their efforts to secure this location, as an independent, inclusive, affordable, artist-run cultural production facility. The lack of affordable studio space in Vancouver has become a crisis, and i feel that this is a necessary and appropriate step which the city can take to help alleviate this
Kampel, Trent This space is a hub for artists and crafters of all kinds. The people have spoken and they deserve to be heard on this matter.
Karjala, Davin This proposal makes a lot of sense. The lack of affordable space for artists and others who make our community worth living in is a dangerous legacy which must be challenged. As one activist said, "if you don't spend the money to house people, eventually you will have to hire guards to keep them out." Net effect: you still have to spend the money. Make the right decision by making affordable space available for our hard-working artists to hone their craft. You will be proud.
Karjala, Katie Please help bring an end to the 'No Fun City', and support Vancouver's local and imported artists to continue developing a strong cultural centre.
Kasting, Lindsay Space for community events, art and music, especially accessibly priced and located spaces, are important for the cultural health of our city as well as its residents.
Kearley, Dana keep redgate alive!
Kearns, Daniel This arts space would give the Vancouver community much needed public space.
Kellam, Doug Please rent this space to the red gate collective. Council's actions won't be forgotten come election time.
Kelly, Bob Art space is important to any culturally literate community.
Kelly, Brennan Save the Red Gate!
Kelly, Maeve .
Kelly, Nicole Vancouver needs spaces that promote creativity and community for everyone, no matter their social standings, heritage, or political views. The Red Gate has been, for almost a decade, a refuge for those creative souls who find themselves lost amidst a large and burgeoning city, without support, without friends and without a safe place to to be themselves and to make art.
Kelly, Shayne vancouver lacks culture....lets make some
Kelsh, Aaron I fully support Red Gates' search for a new location and believe they will without a doubt create a bustling hub for Vancouvers' creative scene.
Kemp, Daniel .
Kennedy, Emilia If it is indeed the case that City Council recently passed a resolution to direct City Staff to consider renting city-owned properties to artists and arts groups, then this seems like a very opportune chance to do so. The Red Gate collective and artistic community win crucial space and the City wins a legitimacy point.
Kennedy, Robert Support the Red Gate!
Kent, Andrew Although I no longer live in Vancouver, I was a resident of the DTES for nearly two years, from February 2010 until September 2012. During that time I was fortunate enough to meet and work with the wonderful and dedicated people of the red gate. The dedicated work ethic and commitment to cultural expression those people exhibited was incredible to witness and be a part of. The red gate brought a sense of life and culture to the DTES that is sorely missed without it. Given the city's new found commitment to providing affordable space for artists and musicians to create and express the identity of Vancouver (something that is severely lacking in comparison to other large Canadian cities) I can't think of a better group of people to use this space for the good of the community. Please, allow them to rent this space.
Kent, Jim I support artist run facilities for arts and cultural groups
Kerpan, Jesse Without such steps this great city is in danger of slipping into a reputation of being a stifling place for arts & culture, vastly reducing its appeal as a desirable location in which to invest and call home.
Kershaw, Linnaea -
Khalid, Heba Strongly support the opening of an affordable studio space in our city. With the number of artists in need of workspace growing and the cost of rent rising there are few spaces available to collectively grow and share ideas and projects with each other/the public. A strong sense of community is formed with spaces like these and a strong community will provide the necessary roots needed in these times of struggle.
Khamzin, Arseni /
Kibke, Dan It would be a wonderful show of support if the city would get behind this venture. thank you.
Kift, Sarah Yes, please!
Kim, Sarah Dear City of Vancouver, Spaces like the these are vital, needed and instrumental in the creation and sustainability of the arts in Vancouver. Please support the Red Gate in their efforts in finding a new home. Thank you, Sarah Kim
King, Satisha save the red gate
Kipling, Maddy Culture stems from the arts, not empty glass condos. Come on Vancouver, do what's right!
Kitchen, Brodie Vancouver needs spaces like Red Gate to keep culture alive where better to start than helping them get this new one going.
Kitson, Anders redgates is great for up and coming artists and we need to support the community
Kitz, Paul Red Gate needs and deserves a space. Please honour this cultural heartbeat of the Vancouver community
Klein, Annie I wholeheartedly support the expansion of creative spaces in Vancouver... this city needs to provide spaces for it's artists.
Klenman, Megan I think the city needs to realize that ART is what makes this city unique.... Taking away the tool for Vancouver artists to create with, stops culture development in a city rich with diversity.
Klingler, Zoe Supporting artistic organizations such as the Red Gate collective is of real value to this city in a time when Vancouver is experiencing a cultural drain.
Knibutat, April It's time to stop making the existence of an organic arts community next-to-impossible. Stop making it impossible to exist in Vancouver. START being part of the solution, not the problem.
Knodel, Erin Arts are Backbone.
Koke, Sydney Red gate is an essential part of Vancouver art and music. This displaced community desperately needs a home!
Koke, Zoe bring it back
Kolar, Maja yes.
Konieczka, Beata We, the undersigned, wish to express our support to the Red Gate collective in their efforts to secure this location, as an independent, inclusive, affordable, artist-run cultural production facility. The lack of affordable studio space in Vancouver has become a crisis, and we feel that this is a necessary and appropriate step which the city can take to help alleviate this.
Kotowich, Jeanette Help us help artists!
Kovach, Jessica Save the Red Gate!
Krajnc, Joseph Thank-you,
Krasko, Ana By giving Red Gate an opportunity to grow and exist, it will give many people a chance to grow and develop as an artist, musician, or any other creative being.
Krasnow, Stefanie Please allow this collective to use this space for their wonderful events enjoyed by the vast community
Kreutz, Julia I moved to Vancouver in 2007 and I must say that I didn't truly feel excited about the city until I found Red Gate.
Kruk, Mike Save the Red Gate! Good luck guys!
Krumins, Arthur the city needs its art spaces desperately!
Krystecki, Kasey NO FUN CITY!!!
Kuntz, Mitchell Vancouver definitely needs more spaces like Red Gate offered.
Kurth, Alexander Please show a commitment to the arts in Vancouver. It's already difficult enough as it is.
Kurz, Celina This city needs more venues always <3 support the arts!!!!
Kwan, Melanie Vancouver needs this.
L, Yulia I support the Red Gate collective in their efforts to be able to rent this place for operating an artist-run space for promoting independent art scene throughout Vancouver.
L., Todd This space is required.
La brooy, Julian To me, the Red Gate has always been important to the cultural fabric of Vancouver’s art community and I sincerely appreciate the city council’s consideration in granting them a new artistic space.
La brooy, Selena Please consider the Red Gate's lease application seriously. Our city is in serious need of space for local artists to display their work and build an arts community in Vancouver.
Lachance, Gary Vancouver needs this!!!
Lakowski, Nick Crisis indeed! The relentless bulldozing of affordable spaces to make way for speculative investment properties is destroying the foundation of this city and making it impossible for the artists who are here to live and work here!
Landin, Graham I was fortunate enough to work at the previous Red Gate space for nearly the entire duration of the tenancy and was devastated to see it go. The sense of community being fostered in that environment is distinct in its inclusiveness and was a major loss to the city's Arts community. It is my utmost hope that this arrangement is able to proceed as there has been a serious hole left in place of the previous 'Red Gate'. Additionally, the requests being made at the behest of the Red Gate foundation do not seem to be in any way unattainable. This seems a perfect opportunity for the city to materialize their verbose desires to support their Arts community Sincerely, Graham John Landin
Langford, Elliot I support the Red Gate!
Langmuir, Jake the Red Gate was a great space for experimental music events that really pushed the boundaries at the time, and it would be great to see them in a new home
Lanzador, Paula Wish you the best Red Gate.
Laskowski, Sebastian I support the establishment of the new Red Gate location at 281 Industrial Ave. -SL
Lauzon, Karen perfect location for perfect tenants!
Law, Matthew Vancouver inches closer to irrelevance every time an opportunity like this is balked at by the city.
Leaney, Doug Have you spoken with Councillor Heather Deal?
Leary, Eli With real estate being pretty much impossible for young people, artists, and activists to rent, let alone buy in Vancouver it is important for the city to do SOMETHING to support us. Unless you would like a city full of old rich people that is. Please rent this space to the Redgate Collective, who have been such a strong, diverse and amazing group of folks supporting art in the East side for years.
Lebaron, Emily Please support the Red Gate in providing an essential service to our community!
Leckie, Jerica I belive that the red gate is a very important part of the comunity
Lemaire, Braden Support artz.
Lennig, Keith please help this arts organization find a new home, please don't price out the arts!
Leslie, Katy Eileen
Lester, Amy The city of Vancouver needs to foster it's artist community by supporting spaces like the Red Gate. It not only provides employment for local artists but it creates essential community for the protection and growth of Arts and culture in Vancouver
Lester, David Dear City of Vancouver, I wish to express my support to the Red Gate collective in their efforts to secure this location, as an independent, inclusive, affordable, artist-run cultural production facility. The lack of affordable studio space in Vancouver has become a crisis, and we feel that this is a necessary and appropriate step which the city can take to help alleviate this. --David Lester, Vancouver
Lestideau, Jules the Red Gate was awesome! i would love to see it come back at this location.
Levinson, Aaron Save the Red Gate!
Liddle, Doug Viva Redgate!
Lien, Maree I am an emerging artist in need of inexpensive studio space in which to do my work. I also need the kind of community and inspiration that comes from working closely with other artists. The Red Gate collective is just such a group, and I am eager to see them acquire the space needed to re-create the hive of activity and creativity that they had in their previous location. Finding studio space in Vancouver has become nearly impossible - so many of my fellow Emily Carr grads have moved to Toronto and Montreal for this reason. I have grandchildren here, so moving is not an option. I love Vancouver and its artists, and I know that, with a firm commitment to supporting emerging artists, we can be - or continue to be - as brilliant an arts city as we are a city of natural beauty and diversity. Please, please, please make affordable studio space available in this city!
Lindfield, James I am writing in strong support of the proposal to lease the City owned property at Station and Industrial streets for studio space for the Red Gate Collective. Having held a solo exhibition at the Red Gate studio and as an Instructor at Emily Carr University, I have worked over several years, with members of the Red Gate Collective and can vouch for their great and consistent talent for fostering creative endeavor. In order for a Vancouver cultural scene to further grow and flourish, artists need places to work. Studio space for artists /musicians/performers is in great demand in this city. The greater the presence of living culture in the city, the greater the possibilities of stimulus in all fields of endeavor. Creative forces will spark ideas and energize lives in very different fields. More than this they create a city worth living in and traveling to. This an ideal oppurtunity for the City to lease out one of its buildings and stimulate artist work. James Lindfield
Livingston, Caitlin Vancouver needs to be affordable to artists
Locks, Dottie These are good people, help them out!
Lococo, Sara I pledge my FULL support.
Lohan, Ali support artists with accessible studio space & social housing without displacement.
Lomas, Anne As a former Vancouverite, and a current Montrealer, I see the discrepancy between these two major Canadian cities. In Montreal, art and music spaces are affordable, accessible and prolific. Vancouver needs to wake up. The city is quickly losing artists and musicians to more welcoming cities throughout Canada and the United States. Please take these steps to allow Red Gate to support the artists in its community.
Longoz, Ryan All the legwork is being taken care of, all you have to do is approve!
Lopehandia, Jade This city needs more spaces for artist to host events and for people to experience art culture in Vancouver. This is vital to the community to encourage creativity & growth.
Lopehandia, Jordan Hi! I am born and raised in Vancouver, and I believe places like the Red Gate contribute greatly to the cultural development of our amazing city. To stop places like this from existing is a blow to the community.
Lougheed, Marion During the Second World War, Winston Churchill’s finance minister said Britain should cut arts funding to support the war effort. Churchill’s response: “Then what are we fighting for?”
Loureiro, Sinead Good luck
Love, Kelly We need this.
Lueck, Birgit Community building requires spaces in which collaboration and creativity become possible for members of all socio-economic backgrounds. Maintaining and creating such spaces is therefore essential to community revitalization and strengthening efforts.
Luk, Marcus No one wants to live in No Fun City.
Lum, Karen Let's do this!
Lynch, Alie long live art, god save vancouver real estate
Lynch, Roxanne how vancouver's cultural scene is reprimanded and devalued is one of Vancouver's biggest problem. Taking away the Redgate was to take away an important and long-standing element of Vancouver; one that provided artists with a place to work and a fair priced spot for people to hear musicians. If this spot had been able to become legitimate, that would have continued giving people a place to put their art (music, performance and fine art), continued art promotion in Vancouver and have allowed poverty some warmth from the outskirts of the street. Instead, officials have disenfranchised an integrated community, sticking their head up their butts while simultaneously turning their backs on the future of Vancouver (which will now be grayer than ever, less integrated than ever and we will suffer as creativity lessens and poverty disconnects)so that other failing businesses can move in to the space and wash their unkempt dogs. Yes, Vancouver, promote that- promote doggie spas! In less than half a decade, Europe will be laughing their asses off, as will Asia. They'll arrive to Vancouver, see all the beautiful mountains and ocean, and wonder "why is everybody a construction worker?".
Macdonald, Francis .
Macdonald, Ian This city is in desperate need of arts spaces like the red gate. Since the closing of the old space there has been a noticeable void in the community and we need to fill the hole! This is a chance for the city of Vancouver to redeem themselves a little bit and show us some real support for artist-run spaces. After all, didn't city council make a promise to do exactly that??
Macdonald, Laura I support more artists space in the city and believe that the city should too. I lived in Vancouver for 5 years and know how vibrant the arts scene is.
Macdonald, Sarah Please support our artists!
Macfayden, Suzanne Keep on with your efforts
Macintyre, Mary During the Olympics the city put on a great show of supporting the arts. This was the most support I had seen in the ten years I have lived here. To be seen as a vibrant international city, you realised the importance of the arts. It's time to actually step up and truly support them.
Mackenzie, Chad Vancouver needs more all ages, safe spaces for arts and music.
Mackenzie, Hannah Support the Red Gate! For art's sake!
Mackenzie, Sophia save the red gate!!!!
Mackirdy, Kayla Please help this amazing collective get started again!
Maclellan, Anna I was one of the artists renting affordable studio space in the old Red Gate location. I strongly feel that such spaces are essential on so many levels. Please allow Red Gate to rent this space.
Macleod, Tom Lets hope this goes better than last time. Im already glancing eastward and this would be the final nail in the coffin.
Macmaster, Melissa Say YES to this step!
Macmillan, Kaitlyn bloop
Macqueen, Alex The venue situation for artists & musicians in this city is absolutely absurd. The Red Gate space has done much good for the community & arguably the city at large .. if Vancouver cares about culture & the arts (as it claims to) it should at the very least respond to the proposal for rental of the space at 281 Industrial Ave.
Maddison, Amira save the red gate!
Mah, Alex Support Red Gate
Mah, M good luck!
Mainland, Alexis I heart red gate
Malatestinic, Mira Something doesn't seem right that the City is not explaining the intention of the facility use in this circumstance. I hope this corrects itself very soon.
Malenkost, Megan i wish to express our support to the Red Gate collective in their efforts to secure this location, as an independent, inclusive, affordable, artist-run cultural production facility. The lack of affordable studio space in Vancouver has become a crisis, and we feel that this is a necessary and appropriate step which the city can take to help alleviate this.
Mann, Kristen Allowing young people to have a space in which they feel comfortable and safe helps to foster a sense of community. This in turn fosters a sense of community pride and leads to downturns in violence and vandalism in these areas.
Mann, Steve The sheer ignorance that is apparent each and every time we step aside to MAXIMIZE profit is inexcusable. I moved to Vancouver for the culture, not the commercial. It is time City Council stands behind their word and does something to allow a new art space, and since this would require little to no effort on the council's part, it would be a good start!
Mantler, Kent :)
Mara, Aaron .
Marin, Leanne red gate <3 so many awesome times there with good music and great friends.
Markström, Lisa this is important
Marshel, James Viva Redgate
Martin, Gabrielle Please allow the space of 281 industrial avenue to be leased by the Red Gate collective. Its a great opportunity to support the arts in this community.
Martin, Lauren Please support Vancouver artists!
Martin, Terry The importance of arts in vancouver can not be stressed enough,as this is no cost to the city and council in principal supports this I ask you to process this asap with a mind for approval Terry Martin
Marvuglia, Antonio Please support the Red Gate in their endeavors. Vancouver desperately needs more functional and well run art spaces and these guys have been doing it right for a long time.
Matt, Tanner PLEASE! The Red Gate is a good, good thing.
Mattatall, David A large community space is required in this city.
Matthewsw, Nathan make it so
Mayoh, Kirsten These spaces are vital to support and build thriving communities. Artists and space for creative expression signal a healthy society. In the past, the culture of Vancouver has been an integral part of the city's appeal, please don't screw it up!
Mcansh, Heather support this collective, the city needs these folks!
Mccabe, Tom Cooome on Vancouver!
Mccance, Ian City of Vancouver needs to recognize this is an important issue.
Mccarthy-goode, Hailey It is imperative that the city maintain cultural spaces that appeal to an audience otherwise made invisible through the city's gentrification initiatives.
Mcclelland, Khari I give my wholehearted support to the redgate collective.
Mccloskey, Hailey I support
Mcconchie, Alan Artists need spaces and their spaces need stability!
Mcconnel, Kristy I support this cause!
Mccormick, Austin "The lack of affordable studio space in Vancouver has become a crisis" its so true
Mcdermid, Heather Despite facing many challenges the Red Gate has persisted for years as an integral part of Vancouver's DIY art and music culture. I believe that both the Red Gate's artist community, and Vancouver as a whole would benefit greatly if they were granted access to an affordable, stable space such as this one.
Mcdonald, Megan Please consider this!
Mcdonell, Michael We need to support low-income artists in the City of Vancouver now and in the future.
Mcdowell, Evan Vancouver needs affordable studio space.
Mcevoy, Keegan I strongly believe that work needs to be done to help address the lack of affordable arts space in the city of Vancouver, especially the downtown east side.
Mcfadyen, Emily Goooooooo RedGate!!
Mcfadzean, Amber please help us be who we are
Mcgarry, Monica Please Vancouver, don't forget to support artists before we all move to Montreal!
Mcginn, Lena without community space that allows for people to connect, express and share their ideas, they get squirly. I think it's is important for east van to have a creative space like this.
Mcgivney, Shannon I would just like to add again that the Red Gate isn't asking for a hand out but rather a safe space for artists alike to be able to give back to the community. This should be a no brainer from the city to accept the fact that we should have a building to hold such events. For the city to ignore the fact that they have and do put artists on the back burner should come to the conclusion that this is not going away. Step up to the plate and give us the space that we are entitled to. Thank you, Shannon McGivney
Mcgladrey, Dustin This must be saved
Mchugh, Duncan I fully support Red Gate's efforts. The civic government has pledged to support the arts in this city; this would be a fine way to do so.
Mckee, Bella The city needs to cater to all walks of humans. Including business folk and artists. This new location would be great because it is not in residential territory as well it is extremely close to the main terminal skytrain station.
Mckellar, Devon The Red Gate is dead. Long live the Red Gate.
Mckinnon, Lars Why is an additional comment required?
Mckinnon, Lauchlan Art is the lifeblood of a city. Without art, culture becomes top 40 clubs and, well, Granville street. Ech.
Mckinstry, Nicole Support :] The Red Gates was my favorite music venue and I was very sad when it was shut down.
Mclaren, Trenton Politicians always claim right around voting time that they are all interested in saving and helping the arts community, WELL here's your chance!
Mclellan, Shawna I am an artist and my community really desperately needs Red Gate back. If this doesn't happen I will have to move to another city that respects artists because I feel that the city of Vancouver doesn't want them here.
Mclennan, Ben Help foster some culture in this city. Help those who want to create rather than just consume!
Mcmullen, Greg I am a lawyer and fan of the arts in Vancouver. In most cities, arts venues shut down and new ones quickly open to take their place. In Vancouver, this seems to be a one-way process. The old Red Gate was a home to some of the most cutting edge art and culture Vancouver had to offer. Letting the Red Gate rent a new home would certainly be a boon to the Vancouver arts community.
Mcrae-okine, Grace Have a heart and a mind, save the red gate and cultural spaces like it in Vancouver!
Mcrorie, Stephen Lets support our arts culture and repurpose something old and unappreciated into something new and inspiring!
Mearns, Robert After being forced to leave my previous studio for black mold and other health related concerns with its infrastructure, I have been searching desperately for a new studio space, but to no avail. This city NEEDS new affordable studios and granting the Red Gate this space will be a step in the right direction.
Mehaffey, Derek I am a professional artist from Toronto who wishes our city could have a wonderful space like red gate was ... Instead we have corporate monster art centers that only rich old people can afford .. It was a pleasure going to Vancouver and seeing a creative space just for actually the love of it ,that affected so many people
Mehes, Laura The arts need a home in Vancouver. Support this space for Red Gate Collective!
Melnichuk, Jaylin Red Gate is the exceptional artistic space that Vancouver desperately needs, especially with the recently closing of the Playhouse. Vancouver is becoming VAPID.
Melting tallow, Chandra I support the Red Gate and affordable studio space in Vancouver.
Menzies, Kate Full support for this cause!!
Metros, Craig good luck!!!
Michaels, Genevieve rent this space to the red gate!
Miles, Zoe I support the Red Gate in bringing innovative, creative, and soulful art and music to the city. Please help them with access to affordable studio space.
Miller, James wat it do
Millerd, Lisa signed
Mindel, Gabriel In spite of the Red Gate's commendable position of not requesting financial support from the city, it seems to me that the City should begin acting on its own supposed commitments to supporting community arts by not only making this property available but also by subsidizing the space to make it more accessible to low income artists.
Minhas, Rabetta .
Missler, Stefanie Interesting old buildings + artists and cultural endeavours = good things for Vancouver. We need more such spaces badly!
Mitten, Amanda Vancouver will benefit greatly from spaces like this being made available and affordable. Artists, musicians, film-makers and such are an important part of every society.
Mons, Michael Support the arts!
Mooney, Fujiaki Come on Vancouver! We need art, and art needs its space.
Morrison, Jordan What a wonderful and inspiring space for a creative community of people!
Mott, Benjamin Vancouver needs the Red Gate, or at least places like the Red Gate. Communities need accepting places to share and create art, to develop their skills, and to connect with other artists and souls. Let them have the space, it won't go to waste.
Moulton, Rachel Ridiculous.
Mozos, Josu Support to the Red Gate collective
Muir, Raegan It is very sad that the City of Vancouver isn't doing more to support the arts. Catering to big business and ignoring community based movements will only lead to a city with no personality and no heart.
Mullan, Bill I've been involved both creatively and professionally in Vancouver's cultural scene for over three decades. WE NEED FACILITIES LIKE THE RED GATE. They are as important to the healthy functioning of the city as bike lanes or parks.
Mullins-clemmer, Samantha I support the Red Gate collective in securing this location.
Mullkoff, Mark Please allow for authentic, people-oriented culture to thrive in this city. The unique and wonderful character of Vancouver is beginning to crumble with the increasing emphasis on development and high-end real estate that the city has taken, enabled by those that make and enforce zoning laws. Red Gate is a great example of both what Vancouver offers in terms of people working together to create, as well as in terms of the difficulties the bureaucracy makes for said people to create. The government should be a friend to the artists too, not just developers.
Murray, Kevin The provincial and federal arts cuts are deplorable. We need this space to preserve culture in this country. That is all.
Murray, Ryan Im getting renovicted right now, its not right!
Murray, Tiffany As an artist, RegGate has been a very vital source to Vancouver's cultural landscape. It's important that such an outlet have the means to continue.
N., Lexa Dearest City Council, Would love to write something highly literate and mildly heartfelt, but all that I can really add to this wonderful request blob, is to kindly ask for your assistance in simply getting this show on the road...we need the space and the city needs folks like us, humans who get out of bed in the morning wanting to be part of different communities, to exchange new ideas and advance as beings in an somewhat enlightened manner, not solely make things to adorn unseen bathroom walls. So please, do allow the brave souls wanting to put up with us at our worst, take care of a space that can enable us to do what we do best and make up for it. It'd be so beyond great to add to Vancouver having a history which can extend past photos of empty lots and the need for constant petitions like this one. In the twenty first century, in an allegedly "modern" city, a process like this shouldn't be lengthy and awkward, because it's obvious we are starving for nurturing environments to grow and this one would add to that possibility. Thanks.
Nagai, Lydia Please help Red Gates to find a new home !
Nagtegaal, Heidi Everything in this petition I agree with. Red Gate is a vital part of our community. When the original space was closed, it was a devastating action. We've been waiting for a new space with anticipation, and cultural delight. Red Gate is more than a building, studio space, event venue, or community hub. It is all this and more. Since Red Gate was designed by the community for the community, it is also a testimony to the tangibility of the need for this to happen, from the roots up.
Neal, Emma The Earth without Art is just.. 'eh'
Nesbitt, Philippa Using this sort of space for artistic endeavors is so important to keeping the artistic culture of Vancouver alive. Access to space like this is so hard to come by, and extremely important to artists like myself struggling to work out of my home.
Neudorf, Darryl This stagnant building can be put to positive use for the city. Why not allow this?
Newlove, Julia C'mon, it's obvious this needs to happen!! Red Gate was the best venue EVER!! I will be VERY dissapointed if this doesn't happen, faith in city counsel vanished.
Nicholson, Miel east vancouver artist community. save our city.
Niddrie, Jonathan Art is vital for a city to thrive!
Noad, Leanna .
Noble, Chris AAA
Nottingham, Carol Affordable studio space for artists is very sadly lacking in our is pushing a lot of talent to search for better opportunities in other cities instead.
Nyiri, Christy
O'donnell, Sarah Save Red Gate!
O'keefe, Juliet I would very much like to express my support for the Red Gate collective in their efforts to secure this location, as an independent, inclusive, affordable, artist-run cultural production facility.
O'leary, Myles Red Gate is an amazing organization for the Arts. They must have a space to service the community.
Obretenov, Nicholas Please give the Red Gate collective the chance to create another vital centre for the arts in our city!
Ohm, Jacqueline Give Art a chance
Olson, Brad Please consider making this proposal work. We need more creative spaces here in Vancouver, and you should do more to make it happen.
Orlowski, Margaret As a Vancouverite, Red Gate is an important part of what makes up the grassroots culture of this city. Stop pursuing policies and decisions that push awesome artists such as these out of our city.
Orr, Jonathan Let us create joy.
Orr, Sean Real organic culture must be left to nurture itself. Any collusion between government results in a dependency on funding year by year, knowing the arts are always first to get the cut. Right across the street is the heavily bureaucratized W2, which had to jump through years of hoops. Now it just comes off as sterile. The Vancouver Playhouse, Pantages Theatre, The Rio, Blinding Light, Sugar Refienry... how many more are you willing to lose?
Osborne, Culum We, the undersigned, wish to express our support to the Red Gate collective in their efforts to secure this location, as an independent, inclusive, affordable, artist-run cultural production facility. The lack of affordable studio space in Vancouver has become a crisis, and we feel that this is a necessary and appropriate step which the city can take to help alleviate this.
Osborne, Jennifer While watching CBC yesterday, I discovered Vancouver now has the highest prices of real estate in the country. The cheapest house one may purchase in the city proper is minimum 850,000 CND. And this is primarily just for property, maybe 1/4 of an acre. I believe this is very hard amongst creatives of all types in the city, and it is the driving force behind the mass exodus of so many talented people who could make Vancouver a more notable place to be.
Osborne, Mark *
Oslorne, Ferlea The Red Gate is very nice, and was one of the last spaces of its kind in Vancouver. Vancouver is very boring, and cases such as the red gate getting closed down have made me very happy about supporting the creative cultures abroad rather than in my own territory. I don't miss you, Vancouver, you cold, icey glass city.
Owen, Andrew For art and culture to remain vital in any city, spaces like Red Gate are needed as cultural incubators. It's time for the cushy Mandarins at City to crank some levers and facilitate the creation of art and music in an otherwise cultural wasteland.
Owle, David Please & thank you.
Oxley, Brooke i hope there will be a dance studio space here too...there are very few afforadble dance practise places in vancouver.
P, Alex Art!
P, Laura Please!
Paddock, Amanda Please allow the Red Gate collective to rent 281 Industrial ave. for the same rate as the previous tenants.
Palchevskiy, Artem City needs to grow artists and talent.
Pannekoek, Andrew Keep young artists in Vancouver - too many are leaving due to high cost of living. the Red Gate has done much to build community and support the arts. We need to support places like these or Vancouver will have an arts vacuum to the great detriment of the city's culture.
Papineau, Andrea We need more artists run centers and production facilities!
Parker, Sean Red gate was a fantastic venue ! Really a great space for vancouver's up and coming artists. Hope to see it back.
Parker, Vincent I believe the city should be looking at this as an opportunity red gate has always been a very positive space for the arts while being run without any government money. They have been strong force as a space for theater music and visual art in Vancouver and should be celebrated
Parkstrom, Justin The roll over of affordable cultural spaces is not the way to create culture in a city.
Patey, Julia Red Gate is a great venue for local artists. As a filmmaker, they have my full support.
Payette, Mike do it
Payne, Lianne How fine it would be for this space to become an active, creative, productive space managed by the very capable folk that ably managed their former space that was regrettably taken away from them and the community they served. A win win here.
Pearson, Jen we need spaces.
Pearson, Monica I urge the city to consider this offer by the Red Gate community. Council has demonstrated their belief that arts communities are vital to the livability of Vancouver. However, the affordability crisis in Vancouver makes the city less accessible to young artists each year. The Red Gate community supports up-coming artists that will form the core of Vancouver's future arts successes, from performance to visual arts to theatre and dance. Please help our city be great in the Future, as well as the present.
Peart, Jessica The City needs to support innovative arts and cultural initiatives if we are not going to become a town devoid of anything that's not wholly commercialized and stale.
Peasrson, Bob the sort of facility that "the red gate" proposes fills a very apparent need in the arts and entertainment community that would inevitably spill over positively to the greater community.
Pelton, Alisha Please help the Red Gate Collective!
Peppinck, Bradley Save the Redgate!
Perez, Carmen .
Peters, Byron Red Gate is essential. Vancouver would be a devastated, lacklustre place without it.
Peterson, Joel Artists are an important part of Vancouver's culture and unique personality. Everyone needs a respectable space to work.
Philippon, Dustin Exciting space,
Phillips, Eric Sincerely, Eric Phillips
Phoenix, Shola This is a very important manner to address the needs of artists for a collective creative space. I have been in the building in question and it would be perfect for the proposed usage. Please allow for the Red Gate collective to lease this space.
Pidgeone, Daniel Amazing place, keep it open.
Pikelin, Toby I'm new to Vancouver, and I've only heard stories of the red gate. I want to see it in action!
Piket, Adrienne Support your local artists
Pines, Mary Vancouver's vibrant arts cultural scene is inhibited by lack of suitable, affordable space for artists and musicians! Please, please, PLEASE support the Red Gate collective in securing this space!
Pires, Leah Long live Red Gate!
Piron, Mark The Red Gate was a source of inspiration, hope and belonging for many artists and musicians for many years and should be given the full support City Council in it's quest to find a new home. The Red Gate hosted JC/DC recording studio, home of the New Pornographers, Destroyer and The Rodney Graham Band. It provided affordable studio space for dozens of visual artists. It was a rehearsal and performance space, an art gallery, video production facility and a creative community meeting space.
Plucer, Rebecca Y
Pointon, Danielle Signing the petition.
Pollock, Cameron .
Pond, Jordan more arts spaces, less overpriced condos
Poon, Ash Yes! Definitely!
Porter, Chris Are you serious Vancouver? No Fun City?! Can we PLEASE support the HUGE arts community that lives in this amazing city. We have such potential!
Potter, Adam The demand for the Red Gate in our community is so important. The Red Gate has always stood for the cultivation of artistic expression and has served as an enzyme for the creation of new ideas to strengthen Vancouver's artistic community and Vancouver society as a whole. Artists produce culture, a commodity that is difficult to measure in dollars and cents, but nonetheless contributes to the richness of a society. I completely support the Red Gate's wish to obtain this space and wish them all the luck in the world with their future endeavors.
Pottie, Laura The city needs to recognize its artists and they're need for affordable working spaces
Price, Kelly Supports the arts!
Prontzos, Peter No more delays!
Proudfoot, Jesse The Red Gate is the perfect example of the sort of cultural institution that Vancouver needs and that City Council has argued it wants. It is self-sustaining, grassroots, and infinitely adaptable. I hope that you will help them in every way you can, my time in Vancouver was made better because of my experiences at the Red Gate.
Proulx, Rachel Let the artists thrive!
Prytuluk, Matt Please! Let's build Vancouver culture the right way!
Pye, Geoff we need more affordable venues in vancouver to support local artists and musicians. red gate was doing a great job at the last spot, and it would be great to see it continue.
Quicho, Alex Great things are happening in Vancouver's creative circles. Don't let our city become a renovated wasteland.
R, Ana Our artists and musicians ask for so little, yet give us so much. They are the people who bring this city to life. Give them a break!
R, Keesha The City of Vancouver is making themselves look like a joke
Raino, Michelle I fully support Red Gate's proposal to lease this space. Vancouver needs more affordable and independent spaces for our artistic community.
Ramone, Didi Vancouver needs more artistic spaces like the Red Gate!
Ramsay, Les I was part of the second floor studio at the Red Gates building for it's last 4 years. It was my studio during my 4th year of undergrad at Emily Carr, and for years after that. It was an amazing place for artists to meet and work on projects together. The shared studio situations we had set up there were perfect for most artists who needed space to work on large works and installation projects. We had become sort of a family so to speak, sharing the space and each others tools, helping each other when need be, and keeping it tidy, etc. I worked on and completed many paintings and sculptures for exhibitions in that studio space. There was always something creative happening on either floor of the Red Gates building at any given time. I now live and work in Montreal, and just sayin', the real estate ain't ridiculous here like it is in Vancouver. There are seriously so many affordable artist spaces for rent, and in all different neighborhoods too. The starving artists of Vancouver will soon have no choice but to either pay a stupid amount of money for a crappy studio now days, or straight up move out of Vancouver. The Red Gates building was an amazing space, full of friendly people, it was in a great neighborhood, and had cheap rent. I want to send a special shout out to Kiddo the kitty and especially the community minded folk who kept it afloat through the turmoils of bylaws. Blessings to you all.
Ramsay, Mimi please rent this to the Red Gate!
Ranger, Jud How the weird was one...
Ratjen, Stefanie Support for art + affordable artist-run spaces!
Ray, David Artists are no good to us in the margins :)
Red, Michael the city needs this. i shouldn't have to explain why. see my previous letter.
Redekop, Simon Rents are too high for a city this size
Reeve, J. Give the arts a chance
Rehnby, Nadene If the city wants venues that are safe, it should support the ones that are trying to play by the rules.
Reid, Amanda Vancouver's culture depends on places like this.
Reid, Lauren Please provide an affordable artist space to red gate!
Reimer, Louise Red Gate was and is a unique arts space which plays a big part in Vancouver's music and visual art scenes. To deny them a space would leave a cavernous void in the cultural landscape of the city.
Rembold, Elisha May Still feeling the heartbreak of the space that we also shared with Red Gate that was shut down.... This city is lucky to have such amazing artists/creators and should make the space for them!
Rendina, Aaron .
Rennie, Donald Please do what is right, support the Red Gate.
Rennison, Colleen I am a firm supporter in Jim Carrico's vision for the RedGate and vouch for the positive effect a space like this has on the people who frequent it
Rich, Kym I support more artist-run cultural space in Vancouver.
Richard, Jordan Do the right thing--
Richardson, Lauren Thumbs up.
Riley, Willow There is no available affordable space for the art communities to sustain and operate creative intergenerational community building initiatives. The City of Vancouver must make space to support and care for it's artists. We've been lead to alternative measures to ensure the availability of such a space. The city would do well to be recognized for it's facilitation of the citys creatives. Our city deserves to see and share how much it can do about diversifying culture and creation on a community bassed level.
Rissling, Michael This would be a fantastic addition to the neighborhood.
Roberts, Adam A great opportunity to fascilitate the growth of art/media/music in Vancouver
Roberts, Deidre Artists, musicians and other creative folk are what make a community vibrant and sought after as a place to form a nest and live. Help keep East Vancouver alive by renting this space to Red Gate. I dont want to live in a sea of starbucks and pet spas.
Roberts, Tony Please do something positive to allow the cities grass roots art community to flourish. A vital part of our living heritage is being suffocated from a lack of available and affordable venues.
Robertson, Cole I strongly support the Red Gate's initiative to find a new building.
Robinson, Shaun The city needs to make it possible to open more affordable alternative spaces for artists instead of shutting down the ones that already exist. People are trying to have a decent arts community here and the city should just get out of the way and let it happen.
Rogers, Quentin Housing prices are insane in Vancouver, as is shown by things like crappy 1960's 1600 s/f houses in Kerrisdale selling for 2.1 million. Artists are rapidly being squeezed out of Vancouver and as a result the city will suffer. Ski hills and sea walls are not all that's needed for a city to be a "world class" cultural center. There's more to Vancouver than property developers and hockey players. Mind you, if all you want for Vancouver is a culture-less void of crass commercialism then maybe we should all leave you too it.
Rogerson, Lindsey I think the red gate needs an affordable space in a part of the city where they can continue existing as a culture, and not in a part of the city where they are going to offend other people who are trying to live there. The city needs to provide space for this culture because they have the right to space and a creative life
Roland, Sam My friend's speak very highly of Red Gate.
Romaniuk, Anita Please,no more "lip service" about helping The Arts, and our Artists, in Vancouver. Let them assume the lease for this space.
Rooney, Chris Be a friend to the arts please give the red gates a home
Roos, Kristen As a practicing artist in vancouver who has received funding from the city of vancouver and the bc arts council, I am in total support of the need for this space.
Ross, Jason C. I have been waiting for the city to use some of their numerous property holdings in the downtown east side for this very purpose. It should not have taken this long, and I fully support the idea going forward. Invest in culture, and the capital will follow. Invest in capital, and historically the capital will take what it can and leave the province. Let's build a cultural future.
Roxby stewart, James It's a simple thing to ask for, and it should be a simple thing to answer. The city needs to foster a creative culture, to let us have some space to breathe, so we can fuel the evolution our city needs to make it to the top of world lists again.
Rudko, Kathi as an artist and teacher,I feel we need community-based, communal studio space for the public to see art, make art, learn about art...
Russwurm, Lani Fully support. If the City has other plans for this space, I think they at least have a moral obligation to explain what it is and justify why it's more of a priority than renting it out to Red Gate, in light of both Vision Vancouver's rhetoric about going to bat for the arts and the history of the City pushing Red Gate out of the West Hastings location.
S, David Art and community are important. Please support them.
S, Jade support for the arts
Sabo, Kathryn hope you get a space soon!
Salhus, Silje-Marie .:.
Sall, Elizabeth Yes please
Samson, Jarrett Evan As both a founding Director of the Safe Amplification Site Society and a tenant of the former Red Gate space on Hastings, I have seen first-hand the damage bureaucratic red tape and a lack of forethought can cause to our city's diverse and rich arts scene. I cannot put the point any more succinctly than the amazing people directly involved in the management of this space have done above. Red Gate is an important part of our city's arts scene, and needs a home. To ignore this request would be a shame, so much so that the word 'shame' barely does it justice.
Sandberg, Sonja This is incredibly important. As space dwindles, art loses its voice.
Sanderson, Eric Part of being a world city is having a vibrant artistic community. Seems like every month another vancouver cultural mainstay shuts down. A few days ago, it was the playhouse. Now the Ridge is being bulldozed. The Red Gate is revenue-neutral. In the past, it never ran up the kind of debts that killed the Playhouse. Help out some local artists, generate some positive press for Vancouver's arts scene. Please.
Sandiland, Erin Artists run
Santizo, Igor Unlimited Growth Increases the Divide
Sarkisian, Blaze Good luck Red Gate.
Sawyer, Dale Let's give Vancouver artists the support and exhibition space they need!
Sawyer, John After the city has so cynically used the safety by-laws as a weapon to evict Red Gate they should own up and support artists for a change.
Schmidt, Mike Enabling the true independent artists of the city to have an affordable, creative space is an essential strategy towards maintaining a distinct and valuable cultural identity. This unfortunately is overshadowed by the monetary value present in other development applications. The City needs to look past the immediate dollar value of these development options in order to see the longer term cultural value in nurturing its local artistic endeavors. Support the Red Gate Collective!
Schneider, Oliver Why must Vancouver always be engaged in this struggle to support its arts community, torn between regulations and fiscal restraints, and a strong political will to encourage artists. Look at any European country, even the poorer ones. They would give this space to an arts society for nothing with minimal process... vacant space? Give it to artists! We are a wealthy city, this would be nothing out of the city's gross budget. I've been in this building, and it is a perfect arts space in every way, not the least being location. At the very minimum, offer it to them at a fair price and be accommodating as far as uses and modifications go. That's my vote as a property owner who pays into the city budget.
Schortinghuis, Ian I am fully behind this effort. Make Vancouver a fun city again.
Schultz, Ian Great work.
Schumacher, Mike The arts are an important part of the culture of Vancouver. If the artists keep getting squeezed out by developers, then a piece of Vancouver's culture dies with it. Keep the artists and strengthen the culture.
Schwarz, Tyson I strongly support this
Scott, Jesse do it!
Scott-leslie, Devon Vancouver needs more creative, cultural spaces.
Semczyszyn, Alyssa It would be great to see this space used for the arts!
Sepulveda, Emiliano By allowing the Red Gate Collective to rent this space, it would be tangible proof of this City Council's commitment to supporting artists and fostering diversity in Vancouver.
Setala, Jonathan .
Shadis, Ivan heres hoping the city will work with you on this
Shandel, Jonas PLease re-open a Red Gate!
Shillibeer, Carol Art is not an option, it is a part Vancouver's heart. City dwellers and decision makers do not need to like something in order to need it, but occasionally, like with redgate, liking and needing come together. Provide space to them please.
Shipmaker, Stefan Would like to look into the possibility of a skateboard space; perhaps a mini ramp? Please and thanks.
Sinclair, Adrian this is so important for the city of vancouver. truly, is heart and soul is at stake.
Sinray, Sarah Art needs space. We need art. Please make space for it and us!
Sirota, Jessica Help reserve some space for the artists. They do a lot for the city and it's culture. Thank you.
Siu, Remy It feels like the Arts community is being strangled in Vancouver. We need a space like this!
Sivertz, Frank I am tired of the BS-- renovictions, overinflated rent rates. We need to establish a People's Law that outlaws the charging of rents beyond value and reason.
Skillen, Nathan We need more cultural spaces and venues in Vancouver - this should be a no brainer!
Slack, Collin I , Collin Slack, having worked in home renovation and restoration for many years , am willing to donate my time as it's available, to help Red Gate renovate to meet requirements. SAVE cultural cultivation through artistic endevours PLEASE!
Slater, Ashley We need to support more collectives like this in a city that makes it very financially difficult to do so.
Slater, Jeska Please no more no fun city
Smith, Curtis Give them an affordable space, they're doing good things with it.
Smith, David Macmurray I ran my own studio in South Van for 17 years and had to vacate in December because of redevelopment for condos. I have been looking for a year for possible new and affordable space without success. I commiserate with and support the proposition Red Gate has made to the city.
Smith, Graydon I support the Red Gate collective in their efforts to secure this location, or any other suitable location, as an affordable studio space, production facility run independently by local artists.
Smith, Jennifer this studio is important to many different folks in the community
Smoke, Eli The City Council's proof of commitment, in supporting the arts, would be shown through allowing The Red Gate Collective to rent this space. Steps in this direction help foster diversity in Vancouver and becomes an inspiration, which this city desperately needs.
Soet, Jordan Renting this space to Red Gate would be a great use of the space
Sousa, Kelsey We love REDGATE.
Sparksq, Colby Vancouver needs this
Squire, Robert Dear city, as an independent curator and programmer of visual art and cultural programming, I feel that it would be in the best interest to all vancouverites to allow the Red Gate to take possession of the space at 281 industrial. The Red Gate has been an important addition to Vancouver's arts and music communities for years, and is a necessity to the grey area art community that exists somewhere between the west end gallery scene and the DTES community. Feel free to contact me directly for any dialog or insights as to why this is important. Sincerely, Robert Squire
Stalter, Kelsey Studio space allows artists the ability to practice their art. Without this space, nothing would ever be developed.
Stasieczek, Patryk As an artist moving to vancouver to peruse my masters degree, the Red Gate collective has my full support.
Statler, Jason The creative fields are crucial to a city's livability and economy. Please make it possible for these kind of ventures to exist in this city.
Stepanchuk, Susan good luck
Stephen, Hunter cool
Stephens, Scott Thank you for promptly correcting this crisis and allowing more places for artists to flourish and enrich us all.
Stephenson, Lori Nice :)
Stevens, Sydney Please consider!
Stevenson, Chloe Please help keep artists working in the city
Stewart, Alanna The Red Gate was one of the few inclusive and encouraging artist-run spaces to be found in the city of Vancouver. The eviction process which took place unlawful and dishonest - and the displacement which has occurred as a result continues to be felt.
Stille, Milton This city needs more spaces for individuals that would like to help the creative community thrive. This represents an opportunity for this to happen.
Stone, Gillian .
Strong, Will I support Red Gate
Strub, Sable For real!
Stubbs, Sean Facilities like these are extremely important for this city.
Stursberg, Alex I am a former studio member of the second floor at Red Gate. My two years spent in this environment were a time of artistic development and creative engagement, with friends, peers, and the creative community at large. It is vital to Vancouver's cultural makeup that the Red Gate is provided with adequate space to continue its operations. I believe that on the behalf of the City of Vancouver, the Red Gate should be viewed as an opportunity to alleviate some of the marginalization this city's artists are currently facing.
Sully, Darcy I fully support red gate
Sun, Monashee please.
Sunter, Emily
Supcik, Robert keep the community alive !
Surina, Cassandra yes! Please
Svelnis, Rianne We need affordable creative space in this city! When a community can't express itself through the primal language of art, it gets sick. The health of local communities depends on inclusive and affordable spaces like this.
Tabareh, Alma Good luck!!
Tajima, Noriko Red Gate gave us lots of opportunities to find and meet local artists. Vancouver has got thousands of talented artists but no place for them to show their works. Red Gate is a real ART gallery and it is important for vancouver artists to have again.
Talmey, Richard ...
Tan, Melissa A city without culture does not have appeal to tourism, jobs, and putting Vancouver on the "world stage". Not supporting our artists, we certainly do not support industries that depend on them.
Tan, Sid please add me to petition...and yes, hold the city's feet to the fire....
Tattersall, Cheylene Vancouver NEEDS this.
Taylor, Timothy "The lack of affordable studio space in Vancouver has become a crisis." I couldn't agree more. And what city planners need to understand is that independent artists literally make a city work. The energy of their activity contributes to an atmosphere of creativity and potential in an urban zone. All citizens benefit from this effect. Vancouver has not been proactive about protecting and encouraging its independent creative communities. And if somebody doesn't begin to think about this - enabling the Red Gate would be a good start - Vancouver is going to wake up and find itself at a huge disadvantage to cities like New York and Toronto (to name just two of many) who do understand that critical contribution of artists to urban culture.
Tepleski, Devin The Red Gate provides world class space for artists from all over the province to thrive. I strongly support their efforts to find a new home. I live in Victoria, but would still make the trip over there on a regular basis.
Thompson, Gavin It's extremely important to keep affordable artist space within our city. Our city without grassroots art would be a very different place.
Thompson, Jaime Finally some sanity in our city. I was starting to worry.
Thompson, Ryan We support for the Arts in the most expensive place in North America.
Tigchelaar, Jennifer Our city needs more affordable space for artists and community building.
Toigo, Dylan I strongly support the Red Gate collective. In order for Vancouver remain a cultural hot bed, artists of all kinds must have a place to create.
Towhey, Megan .
Tramutola, Geri The Red Gate performs a highly-needed function in our city: a space where underground,struggling artists can show/produce their work. We do not have any other spaces in this city to fill the gap created when it shut down.
Troy, Matt Get real
Trudeau, Karli .
Trudel, Caroline Art & culture is such an important part of a healthy society. We need to gives access to independent artists to producer, practice and show their creativity.
Tsvetkov, Kathleen Red Gate
Turcotte, Jean-Pierre It would be beneficial to my project to rent space in this proposed building.
Turner, Maria As a dancer, I can attest to the immense difficulty at locating affordable space in which to create works of art essential to the health and well-being of the community at large in this city. I think it is imperative that the city of vancouver make it a priority to make art and culture accessible by providing affordable spaces for artists to do their work.
Turner, Penny Red Gate needs a home. Please support.
Ulis, Max The red gate is an integral part of my cultural landscape.
Upton, Colin Will the last artist forced to leave Vancouver please turn of the lights!
Vaclavik, Nik By supporting Red Gate, you are supporting the city that supports you!
Vallieres, Charles-Antoine This city's true culture is not purchased and copied on Granville, but experienced and shared in spaces like RedGate. Vancouver is in desperate need of an art space like this, and is constantly loosing talented artists to other cities simply because we're lacking in this department.
Van wyck, Jeremy i want the red gate to return NOW!!!
Vance, Chris Practical and worth struggling to win.
Vath, Tracey I support the Red Gate.
Vaughan, Annabel The arts are shamefully being pushed to the fringes of this city...soon there will be no space left for the people who make this city the creative and internationally renowned city that it the arts with sustainable space not just platitudes
Vaughn, Deandra My faith may be restored.
Vera, Shai The city needs this.
Villadsen, Brady Look forward to a new artistic space for vancouver!
Vincent, Adam God-willing these people get ahold of another space.
Vincent, Geoffrey This city needs more affordable artist space!
Vincent, Ron I wish to support the Red Gate collective!
Vlcek, Miroslav please do something right for change
Vogels, Shannon We love Red Gate!
Von hahn, Nils I support the Red Gate Collective in their efforts to secure this location.
Vosper, Dexter Supporting arts is one of the best and only ways to promote a sense of community within a city - PLEASE do more to support the growth of my city!
Vouilloz, Cyril "rylsee" Im a swiss graphic designer/painter from geneve, I lived in Vancouver from 2010 to 2011,An have been part of the red gate that welcomed me as a local family. I was doing the posters and was part of the meetings to make the monthly schedule possible. This is one of the best human/artistic experience of my life! This place is amazingly full of talented and motivated people, it s really something that the city have to preserve! I'm proud to have been part of that red gate project and will ALWAYS support it!
Vulliamy, Claire Vancouver! We need to foster culture as it already exists, not smother it and replace it with sub par token 'culture' filtered through city bureaucracy. People are creative. They can do it themselves, you just have to give them the resources to do it, work with it, not against it.
W, Sobey Please support this
W2 community media arts society, Irwin Oostindie Some things work out. This is a great match that both serves the community and matches City policies.
Wagner, Ryan yes
Wallace, Laura art matters!
Walley, Christa Please be reasonable! The people who want to use this space are Vancouver's finest. As an 18 year old aspiring artist and musical therapist it is so important to me that my home city reflects it's wonderful inhabitants. You should be the one's begging these artists to use the space instead of it being the other way around!
Wallstam, Maria Red Gate has strong community support and track record in providing inclusive, flexible, affordable space to young and emerging artists in Vancouver.
Walters, Patrik This is essential to Vancouver right now!
Walther, Bruce Artists need this space! As an artist who has exhibited at the old Red Gate and a member of an artist's Co-op living in a City owned Co-op, I say give 'em a lease!
Washburn, Chad this needs to happen! we all miss the red gate very much!
Waters, Michael Please keep this space as a functioning part of the community
Watkins, Evan best of luck!
Watt, Shaunn I have so many colleagues, friends and associates who benefited greatly from The Red Gate space that was on Hastings for a number of years, in a number of ways. A new home for their collective is not only important, I feel it is imperative as an example of the support and continued health of Vancouver's arts scene. The lack of affordable studio space in and around Vancouver is reeking havoc on our creative culture, and the brain drain associated with this is something we can't risk losing as apart of our cultural make-up.
Weaver, Caroline this place is important
Webb, Cate I need a little more Red Gate in my life
Werbes, Jerren Very important for this city to have a safe, affordable place where art and culture can can continue to develop. Thanks!!!
Whachell, Alainnah I support this petition!
Whale, Kristin If we are one of the best cities, lets act like one and promote our culture!!! We have some amazing talent in this city and its getting pushed further and further away because we cannot showcase our talent without a great expense.
Whalen, Tom Please allow this important artspace to thrive once again.
Whitaker wilson, Simon we love the red gate
White, Danny The Red Gate was, an hopefully continue to be, a valuable addition to independent culture in the city of Vancouver.
White, Rachel I support space for artists.
White, Tanner This city needs more REAL cultural outlets, not just the ones on granville street. You'd think that the city would want a place for the people to go, so that they dont end up partying outside, in public, on the street.
Whitfield, Dillon I express my support.
Wilkins, Simon Red Gate has been an important resource for me and my community of artists. The closure of the West Hastings space has been a swift blow to emerging artists in Vancouver who look for spaces to gather and share their art.
Williams, Daniel Come on man.
Williams, David
Williams, Michelle We really need to get more spaces available for EVERYONE not just the wealthily and get the government to understand that. This petition is a good cause and one that shows that the government needs to get it's priorities straight, especially with housing and affordability in vancouver.
Willobee, Emily creative work is a crucial part of developing a vibrant and diverse culture in Vancouver, and that creative work can easily be supported by the provision of space, or stifled by the lack of it. i want to live in a vancouver that helps make space for these artists.
Wilson, Ann thank you
Windsor, Steve Art saves lives
Winkelman, Tallulah Help keep culture alive in Vancouver. Artists need a space to work.
Winter, Matthew Hopefully this works!
Winther, Maxim Let's run the developers out of town
Wiseman, Samara !
Wolff de almeida prado costa, João Paulo My name is João Paulo Costa from Brazil. I had an amazing experience at the Red Gate. It was a place that gave me opportunity to show my art and exchange cultural experiences. At the Red Gate I had an opportunity of understand in a better way what Canada is. In Vancouver is really hard to find a place that you could in a democratic way, propose your ideas and do your projects without suport of institucional money. As an artist I made an documentary, art videos and participated of exhibitions. Some of the amazing things that happen because of the Red Gate was the exhibition here in Brazil with some Canadian artists.This exchange is what the Red Gate offer to everyone. I'm planing to go back to Vancouver soon and I hope to have a support of Red Gate new place to still doing projects here in Brazil with Canadian artists and showing Latin America art in Vancouver. Regards, João Paulo Wolff de Almeida Prado Costa
Wong, Elin art is love, love is art
Wonnick, Sharlena Good people, good cause.
Wright, Justin These folks need some space, please help them get it.
Wylie, Sara support red gate and the phenomenal arts community in vancouver!
Wyse, Charlie .
Wyse, Christine .
Yake, Toni support artists in our city
Yard, Nasstasia Artists need space to create! The right to create should not be reserved for the wealthy, and if only the wealthy can afford studio space, then what happens to the rest of society's artists? Nothing will stop us from creating, but if you force us out of our creative shelters, we will be forced into taking more desperate measures. The most vital art comes from the ones "living on the edge", and everyone knows that to be poor/marginalized pushes one to the edge.
Yearwood, Kathleen Art counts.
Yee, Chris That's a nice space. All the best to you guys!
Yoon, Jay Cultural significance
Yoshizawa, Sara YES For affordable art space, especially for the phenomenal group that has been overseeing a fabulous space such as the Red Gate! Yes for rebirth and new beginnings for an already established Venue; One that has brought so many so much joy over the years!
Young, Teri Many Artists are unable to afford a large enough living space where they can also practice their Art - they often are struggling financially to the extent that they are sharing living space with multiple room-mates, and there simply isn't additional space for them to use practicing their art. Musicians need Jam space where their neighbours appreciate what they are doing. Visual artists need room to store their materials and space to create their art. Dancers need practice space. Art, by its very nature, can be disorganized, messy, chaotic, exciting, fluid and space-hungry. Art, because of what it brings to the soul of a community, is absolutely vital to a healthy city. By supporting initiatives such as Red Gate, the City of Vancouver will ensure that its struggling cultural heart has a chance to heal and strengthen. By being flexible and creative itself, and by choosing to work with this dedicated community of Artists, Vancouver City Council has a golden opportunity to ensure that doors are opened to a future where true grassroots Art becomes the norm within the borders of Vancouver. Sometimes all that is required is a bit of faith, a lot of courage, and someone who has the strength to stand up for what is important. I trust that the good people of Vancouver have elected a city council full of folk who have these virtues, and that the Vancouver City Council will move swiftly with a creative affordable offer to the Red Gate. The future will be a brighter place when Artists are fully included in the society in which they live
Young, William I'm a member of the collective and have been working to make this happen. Vancouver needs space like this, or it will become a cultural void.
Yousefbigloo, Katayoon Red Gate was the most inclusive self-sustained art space in Vancouver. In order for Vancouver to lose its 'No Fun City' title, more publicly owned buildings need to be designated for cultural/artistic purposes. Red Gate has the experience of dealing with a space as large as this one, and the building would not be put to better use any other way.
Zirk, Nicholas The RedGate most importantly has provided the up-and-coming and marginalized artists of Vancouver a forum to create and relate to each other. This process of incubation is what breeds greatness. By facilitating this you ensure Vancouver's place in the cultural world.
Zlatarits, Stefan More spaces for artists!
Zupcic, Sasha <3 <3 <3

Past Exhibitions

2010 - 2011 at the Red Gate Gallery, 156 West Hastings St.

Red Gate Last Weekend

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Drawing a Blank

Live Drawing Show



Todd Evanger

Wild Call




Michela Corallo • Barbara Ainis • Silvia Berton

curated by Katayoon Yousefbigloo



The ACME Building Show

Episode #6 of the "Waving Not Drowning" DTES Artist Studio Series



Ministry of Propaganda

Recent Works - Recent Thoughts

Episode #5 of the "Waving Not Drowning" DTES Artist Studio Series



152 2nd Floor

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Episode #3 of the "Waving Not Drowning" DTES Artist Studio Series




Artist Studio Exhibition

Episode #1 of the "Waving Not Drowning" DTES Artist Studio Series




31 Drawings, 31 Days




Paintings by Shayne Kelly



Shoe Side Story

New works on paper, board, sculpture by Kevin House

Opening Night Thurs Nov 25th at 7pm
156 West Hastings (at Cambie)
Running until Dec 1st hrs 12 - 5pm daily

Exhibitions: The Halsey gallery in Charleston, South Carolina, The Yard Dog gallery in Austin Texas, Orange Hill folk art gallery in Atlanta Georgia, Others art fair in N.Y, Outsider Art Fair N.Y. and more.

His artwork has appeared in Raw Vision magazine, The Globe and Mail, Bark Magazine, Elle magazine, Discovery channel. His music made many top 10 lists including NPR in the U.S and has been favorably reviewed in Mojo,Uncut.

His work is in many collections worldwide including British actor Malcolm Mcdowell, Canadian Radio personality Bill Richardson, Singer Norah Jones, Director Bruce Mcdonald, Author Timothy Taylor, Last Gasp publisher Ron Turner, Artist Joe Coleman.

Kevin exhibits with the Marion Harris gallery at the Outsider art fair in N.Y once a year.




New 2-D, 3-D, and 4-D works by Graham Landin



The Monster Mash


Jamie Bizness
Kevin House
Brennan Kelly
Alex Strusberg
Coreena lewis
Jake Pruim
Andrea Baeza
Vincent Parker
Ben Jacques
Maya Cara Credico
Gideon Hay
Mirmy Miranda Winn




Great Men In Uniform

Art by Clive "Pops" Jackson 2-D and 3-D works Opening Night featuring the swamp stylings of The King Rails



Ora Cogan / Lief Hall / Riddley Walker

Live music and projections - and little trees with lights in them!



Bangmaster Generals Warning

Created by Jeffro Halliday and Corey Adams


It Felt Like A Kiss

a film by Adam Curtis

When a nation is powerful it tells the world confident stories about the future.

The stories can be enchanting or frightening, but they make sense of the world.

But when that power begins to ebb, the stories fall apart.

And all that is left are fragments, which haunt you like half-forgotten dreams.


happy is the new black

nam shub / vincent parker

Sept 18, 2010

vincent parker
mega hype wobbley booty crack. one ass cheek bigger than the other

all new harsh acid set performed in Vancouver for the first time

nam shub
back alleys, trees, dirty basements, cats, bikes, mountains, leaky pipes, oceans. shubband

about blank:
weirdness from a dude in glasses


The Pocket Show


Opening night Sunday Sept 5th 7-12pm
Running til the 18th of Sept. hrs 12 am - 6pm

Over 100 artists ( see list below ) working within 4 x 4 inches or smaller in painting/sculpture/photography/or ?

A partial list of artists in no specific order

Shayne Kelly
Erik Whittaker
Richard Bachman
Mark Delong
Katayoon Yousefbiglo
Ashlin Dawn
Robert Dayton
Matty Harris
Erin Sandiland
Bruce Walther
Jason Mclean
James Diamond
Shelley Cowan
Mirmy Miranda Winn
Valerie Graham
Jamie Bizness
João Paulo Costa
Heather Renney
Andrew Tong
Heather Renne
Ferlea Oslorne
Shawn Chappelle
Richard Bachman
Tallulah Tallulah
Andrea Baeza
Take 5
Thea-Rose Mitchell
Shan Von Dee
Jenn Strom
Robert Chaplin
Jeff Stuckel
Zoe Evamy
Chanda Stallman
Bonni Reid
Nicole Steen
Vanessa Bourget
Ann Marie Fleming
Richard Wloda
Joren MacMillan
Sean Orr
Gideon Hay
James Melcher
Camilla Pickard
Lexa Naicu
Lee Hutzulak
Holly Ruth Anderson
Ola Cholewa
Ronan Boyle
Caroline Weaver
Bill Thomson
Keesee ✂ Andra
Geoff Carter
Nicky Ninefingers
Susan Berganzi
Vik Barkar
Sarah Gee
Peter Strom
Chop Logi
Carol Nottingham
Cheylene Marie Tattersall
Kris Brownlee
Kristian Adam
Dallas Harvey
Matthew Aebig
Eva Waldauf
Paul Johnson
Alex Tedlie Stursberg
Tam Kaimi Glxyglxy
Ella Marshak
Anna MacLellan
Nac Cole
Vincent Parker
Megz Pikey Majewski
University of Atlantis
Jenny Hawkinson
Trinity Western
Guy Roland
Paxton S. Downard
Rachel Sawatsky
bev davies
Amanda Bullick
Liane Varnam
Jason Murphy
Carter Hayes
Jim Carrico
Ashlin Dawn



The New Collagraphers

Group Show


Maya Beaudry

Simon Bell

Jesse Corcoran

Kevin Greisch

Morag Kydd

Graham Landin

Aigin Larki

Anna Maclellan

Ben Raymer

Alex Stursberg

with guests



James Lindfield

Structural Maladjustment


2011 Archive

Red Gate Scrapbook

jbiz & rylsee by paolo

Summer 2010, remember the good times...


October 17, 2011, "black monday", eviction day for the red gate. we went down to CRAB park and freed some art from this material plane. PS we took the gates. (click the image to view slideshow)


Meet the "new owner"

So it's all but official - the city has pushed the owner to renovate the building, and he's selling it instead. Not that it makes much difference to us who is kicking us to renovate the building, so they can rent it out for 3 or 4 times what we're paying. Anyway he wants us out immediately, apparently the city is leaning on him to vacate the building. He dropped around today with the prospective buyer, Steven Lippman, who has already developed most of the block. He says he's going to come and change the locks on us tomorrow, and throw all our stuff in the trash if it's not out. Thanks dude, remember the good times.

Appropriately enough, the city council is meeting this week to vote on the "Artist Studio Review" recommendations for how the city is going to make it easier for spaces like, well, just like this one! I'm going to register to speak to the motion, it would be nice to get some peeps out just to let them know we're paying attention. Maybe we can all show up in hazmat suits to protect ourselves from the intense levels of irony.

Here's a link to the agenda for the meeting (thursday at 10 AM)

we're item #3 - the proposals they are voting on are here.

they are recommending the following "actions":

opportunities for studio development
improvements to functionality of studios
timely issuance of permits and licences for studio development
identify known multi-tenant studios
implement “interim program” for artist studios
mechanism for ensuring artist tenure in newly approved studios
notification of approved uses for artist studio buildings
engagement and learning opportunities for artists.

and yet we haven't really seen any of this, and in fact it's the city that is forcing the issue here, so we need to at least hold them to account for this.

on a related note, anyone know of any spaces available? :)
or eccentric billionaires?

Letter to the Mayor

An Open Letter from the Red Gate to Mayor Gregor Robertson and the Vancouver City Council

The former “Trocadero Building” at 152-156 West Hastings has been an ad-hoc, unofficial, community driven cultural space for more than 30 years. Operating since 2004 as the Red Gate “cultural wildlife refuge”, it has provided affordable studio, rehearsal, and exhibition space for a diverse community of artists, musicians, film/video artists, etc, including JC/DC Studios, home of the New Pornographers, Destroyer, and other internationally recognized recording artists. At a meeting on Monday at City Hall with three levels of officials from the Building Inspections Branch our landlord received an "Order To Cease Occupancy" letter, effective September 26. This represents the "final" extension of a 30-day "Order to Vacate" letter received on May 24, citing "unsafe and hazardous conditions," based on an informal inspection in January 2011. Please note that we were not previously informed of the results of the January inspection, despite assurances at that time that we would be subject to a complete and formal inspection, and the order of May 24 was not phrased as 'these are the safety issues which need to be addressed in order to continue occupying the building,' but rather 'these are the safety issues that require the building to be vacated.' After a spontaneous letter-writing campaign on behalf of our many members and supporters, we were granted a 60-day extension, in which we were given the opportunity to deal with cited deficiencies in the fire safety of the building, but with the additional condition that the owner submit a full Development and Building Permit application "as appropriate for the intended use of the building" (ie. artist studios) by August 23. This was not in any way a negotiated settlement, but rather an ultimatum unilaterally imposed by the City.

Of course we understand that "the City" is not a monolithic entity but is comprised of a number of different departments with differing and sometimes conflicting mandates, and that these departments are likewise composed of diverse individuals with a wide range of preferences, priorities and opinions. We appreciate this because we have been dealing with multiple levels and departments of City staff since 2007. Throughout this time almost all of their verbal communications with us have been more-or-less positive and supportive of what we have achieved here, and what we are trying to achieve. This contrasts sharply with the written communications we have received, which seem designed to exaggerate the "imminent life safety issues" and cast the building owner and occupants as entirely negligent and non-compliant. For example, the original order to vacate states that "a recent inspection [ie. in January 2011] revealed that although the required permits have not been obtained and the necessary repairs have not been carried out, the building has now been re-occupied on all 3 floors ... as an artist studio." While not technically false, this is extremely disingenuous as we had been dealing with City officials for more than three years before this notice (please see the Work Order dated December 18, 2007 signed by then Chief Inspector Ed Nuefeld,) during which time we had completed all of the fire safety and other necessary repairs that had been cited, so it was by no means the case that our presence in the building was suddenly discovered, nor that we had failed to comply with any request made by the City throughout that time. It's extremely frustrating that despite our engagement with the City, this ongoing relationship was "disappeared" in this way.

What's also very frustrating is that despite the repeated assurances that the Order to Vacate is based entirely on "immediate life safety issues" with the building, it is the further, non-negotiable condition that the owner submit "full development plans" for the building that is the actual reason that we are being ordered to vacate. This is especially galling in light of the City's multi-year and multi-departmental "regulatory review process" for artist-run spaces, which we have been dutifully participating in since its inception, the recommendations for which were passed in Council last February. Of particular interest to us is the "interim program", intended to bridge the adoption of the recommendations and their actual implementation as changes to the appropriate City By-Laws, which "allows venues and staff to collaboratively address regulatory issues within a reasonable timeline without threat of enforcement action. This allows the venue to continue operation, unless imminent life safety issues exist (which would need to be addressed without delay)." The point is, we have spent the summer dealing with these issues, "without delay" to the limit of our abilities and finances, but these have only ever been a condition of the temporary extension (now expired) and are rendered entirely moot by the further condition of a full development application. Indeed the precise distinction between what presents an "imminent life safety issue" and a mere by-law infraction has never been made clear to us, nor is it, apparently, entirely clear to the inspections staff themselves, as the exact specifications we have been ordered to comply with have presented a moving target over the last several months. For example, the original Order to Vacate cited "smoke alarms ... covered with tape and plastic" [sic; among the dozen or so functioning smoke alarms only one was found in such a condition, a full four months earlier, which was immediately corrected at that time.] The interim agreement signed by the owner on June 20 states that "all smoke alarms [be] installed and operational", whereas the development and building permit required for this work states that they be "installed, interconnected and operational". It was only at the point at which the work was being inspected that we were informed that the smoke alarms needed to be hard-wired to the AC power in the building, and independently to each other, and not via the wirelessly interconnected battery powered alarms that we had installed. In fact, every single inspection has found new “hazardous conditions” not cited previously (see further examples below.) This also appears to violate both the spirit and the letter of the "interim program" which states as its proposed aims "to enable staff to approach by-law infractions in a coordinated manner in order to … ensure messaging is consistent and clear".

The current "final" Order to Cease Occupancy lists a number of "basic life safety issues still outstanding", which deserve a point-by-point response:

  • "Exit signs are still not working in some areas and missing in others." As far as we are aware there are exit signs installed in every location that we have been asked to put them, which have been tested and tagged within the last several months by a certified fire safety professional.
  • "Emergency lighting is still deficient in numerous areas throughout the building." Two locations on the main floor were identified as requiring additional emergency lighting; these have since been installed. We are unaware of any other location at which these are required.
  • "Doors in the fire separations between floors do not have self closing devices nor do they latch upon closing." This at least is partly true; however this is the first mention of this issue, it appears nowhere in any of our previous correspondence with the City nor in any previous discussions of "imminent life safety issues."
  • "Rear exit stairs (interior) - handrails and emergency lighting requirements have not been installed..." This staircase has emergency lighting, installed, tested, and tagged by a certified fire safety professional in June. The missing handrail was installed in July by a licensed contractor engaged by the owner, however at the most recent inspection it was determined that this railing was 3 feet too short; this has also been corrected.

This document further states that there is "no acceptable fire protection system." Assuming this refers to fire alarms and/or sprinkler systems, this is true but was not included in the list of "imminent life safety issues" cited by the City as a condition of our 60-day extension.

Again, the point is that this extension has now expired, and so it makes no difference if we go to the effort and expense to meet this or that "life safety" requirement or not, in the absence of a "complete Development and Building Permit application" submitted on behalf of the owner. It is our position that the issue of basic life safety and the issue of long-term development plans for the building are two separate issues, and they have been presented together in such a way as to create a great deal of confusion and uncertainty. The mass exodus of artists and musicians from the building that has already occurred (R.I.P. JC/DC) has not been on the basis of life safety issues, but rather in the knowledge of the City's long-term development requirements. The building owner has stated that he would not be submitting such an application; we the tenants, renting month-to month under imminent threat of eviction at the hands of the City and the owner for years, have had neither the opportunity, the expertise, nor the finances for such an undertaking, nor even the right to do so. The fact is, with this requirement, we are doomed either way. If the owner does not submit the application, the building will be vacated and we'll be on the street, but even if he does submit the application, we'll be on the street anyway; a complete renovation of the building will render it unusable for a considerable period, and upon completion the rental rates will be at least 2 to 3 times what we are paying now, and there is no chance that the current, low-income artists working here will be able to afford it.

So, just to sum up, despite recommendations passed by City Council that "cultural venues" be given notice and timelines for code violations "without enforcement action", the Building and Inspections Branch chose not to inform us of "numerous life safety issues" for over four months before serving us with an Order to Vacate based on these issues. While publicly, and personally, assuring that they want us to stay open, and that they are supportive of artist run-spaces and the "cultural values of the downtown eastside" and so on, and that it is merely the issue of imminent life safety which requires immediate enforcement action, this is contradicted by the additional requirement, buried amongst these life safety issues, for a complete development plan as a condition of continued occupancy.

The implications of a "full development plan" are significant. The very first requirement of this process is a Use Change application, to modify the building's current official use as "Office" space to "Studio". Changing the use of a building immediately invalidates any "grandfathered" variances to building codes & by-laws, and initiates a cascade of required upgrades consistent with current building codes. As the building has seen no major renovations for over 50 years, it's clear that this represents a broad, comprehensive and above all expensive renovation process, including but not limited to seismic re-inforcement, sprinkler systems, complete replacement of plumbing and wiring, and so on. The current designation as office seemed mysterious to us, as we know that the building has been artist studios since 1981, and prior to this period was in operation as a social club, and that at no time has it ever been office space. Going through the City's archives on the building it was discovered that in 1988 the building was purchased for the purpose of converting it into an office building, and a use change was approved for this purpose, but due to the same sort of building code upgrade requirements that we now face, none of the work which would have been required for this use was actually carried out. (The last communication from the frustrated developer contains the ominous statement "If any additional improvement is required, I may not be able to proceed. The upstairs two stories will be vacant for the next 30 years.") Of course, this has no direct bearing on the current situation, but it illustrates well enough the Kafka-like nature of our dilemma: the first hurdle we face is to change the official use of the building from something it has never been to something that it has always been. Bureaucracy trumps reality. How high is this hurdle really? Unfortunately no one knows. Despite verbal assurances from various City officials that the use change process will "probably not require elevators" etc, it is entirely unclear just what it will require, or how much it will cost. In any case the owner is convinced that committing to a development plan will cost at least $1 million or perhaps twice that. Again, it is not possible under this scenario that low-income artists of the neighborhood will be able to afford this newly-renovated "studio space", so there is probably no point in going through with the use change after all. Heads the developers win, tails the artists lose.

There is of course a concept, and a process, that is exerting an enormous influence on the situation in the downtown eastside, and in particular the 100 block of West Hastings - like a planet whose existence can be inferred from the distortions in the gravitational fields of nearby objects, it runs unstated beneath all of our discussions and communications with the City, steadily pulling in a constant direction: gentrification. And all the talk of "mixed use" and "social values" does not seem able to make headway against this tide. For many decades, this block of Hastings has been home to many different artist-run centres, studios, and grass-roots cultural organizations, as has the downtown eastside in general. Long ago suburban flight rendered the warehouses and commercial spaces redundant, and these were quickly colonized as cultural production space, making up a comprehensive ecosystem which has been an integral component of the neighborhood. But like many wild ecosystems around the world, it has been reduced and fragmented to the point of exhaustion: a scarce handful of buildings remain providing affordable studio space to the emerging (ie. poor) artists of the neighborhood, three of them are on this block, and all three are in immediate peril. The Asia Imports building at 151 W.Hastings (directly across the street from us) has been sold to a developer and the artists given 30 days to vacate; the Dynamo Studios building at 142 W.Hastings (3 doors down) has been sold to a developer and although they have not yet been evicted, there is “for lease” sign on the front and it seems likely that this will happen sooner rather than later. In this context, it is ironic that it is the City, not the owner, that is insisting that our building be developed - if he is unable or unwilling to do this, he has no choice at this point but to sell the building to someone who will.

"As for really new ideas of any kind - no matter how ultimately profitable or otherwise successful some of them might prove to be - there is no leeway for such chancy trial, error and experimentation in the high-overhead economy of new construction. Old ideas can sometimes use new buildings. New ideas must use old buildings." (Jane Jacobs, "The Death and Life of Great American Cities", 1961.)

This is or should be Urban Planning 101 here - every aspect of the City's Cultural Facilities plan is pertinent to this building. Of the nine criteria for inclusion in the "artist studio regulatory review" process, any one of which would be sufficient, we qualify under six categories. The City's "great beginnings" facade restoration program even uses a picture of the Red Gate on its website to illustrate the program. And the City's 125th anniversary "Summer Live" event in Stanley Park featured a whole spectrum of artists and musicians that have either recorded, practiced, or performed here on a regular basis, including Neko Case and the New Pornographers, Veda Hille, Sorcerers, Taal Mala, Michael Red, Third Eye Tribe, the Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret, the eatART collective, and more. And this only scratches the surface - this building means many things to many people, but mainly it's a place that is fertile with new ideas. We have taken a disused old building and through our own efforts created one of the most well-used and well-loved grass-roots cultural facilities in the city, without a single penny of public funds.

And yet none of this matters. The essential character of the neighborhood is about to vanish before our eyes, to be replaced by what one can only speculate.

But it's not too late to save the Red Gate! We don't see this as a battle to be fought but rather as a puzzle to be solved. We believe there's a creative solution, and although we're not sure that we've found it yet, we have some ideas that are worth pursuing. Above all we need a reasonable amount of time in which to attempt to develop an appropriate plan for how to break the impasse that has led to our impending eviction. The biggest obstacles at the moment are a lack of commitment on the part of the owner, and a lack of concrete assurances on the part of the City that a multi-million dollar renovation will not immediately be required if we proceed with the Use Change process. We propose a one year moratorium on enforcement action on the part of the city, on mutual condition of a one year lease from the owner, to allow us to stabilize the situation on the basis of "basic life safety" and provide us with a minimal planning horizon. If at the end of this time we are unable to present a workable plan and timeline for the development of the building that is acceptable to all parties, we'll admit defeat and move on. We think this is a modest, reasonable, and achievable objective. And we feel that the alternative is simply unacceptable, as it means nothing less than the complete extinction of a once-vital ecosystem. To see this building boarded up and empty, despite all the efforts and good will of so many people, including many City staff members, would be a great tragedy, defeating and demoralizing not only for the occupants (and former occupants), but the aforementioned City staff members as well, and most importantly, the young artists and musicians of the downtown eastside, who will see it as confirmation that they are simply not welcome in No Fun City.

The Red Gate Collective
September 21, 2011

cultural wildlife refuge slated for clearcut

The Red Gate “cultural wildlife refuge” at 152-156 West Hastings has been an ad-hoc, unofficial, community driven cultural space for more than 30 years. For the last 5 years we’ve been caught between an owner who can't or won't spend any money on the building, and a city bureaucracy that wants him to “bring it up to code” (ie. gentrify) and we have been surviving throughout this period without lease, license or permits of any kind (including basic occupancy permits,) on the basis of the good will generated by our deep connections to the neighborhood and the creative community at large. Unfortunately our air bubble has been slowly evaporating and is threatening to disappear entirely.

On August 24 (yeah that was a few days ago) our extension expired, and the City has expressed its intention to "board up the building" (although they have made no move to do so as yet) due to their requirement that the owner submit full development plans by that date. This demand was never realistic, as it would have required a team of professionals working full time for months to do properly. Note also that this is a bait-and-switch tactic, because all communications from the City have stated that fire safety is their main concern. All the requested fire code work has been completed and inspected, but this was merely to allow us to stay for the period of the extension, apparently. The owner has stated emphatically that he will simply sell the building rather than invest in it.

In the meantime, some folks have been moving out (so long JC/DC Studios), and the rest of us have been packing and organizing to prepare for what seems to be an inevitable exodus. The owner's legitimate concern is that the City's demands will cost him a lot of money, as a typical renovation of this nature may run into the millions of dollars. On the other hand, the City has also stated that they are interested in helping us in various ways; by relaxing certain building code requirements, providing for gradual improvements, and even offering grant money for renovations. Unfortunately we don't qualify for any of this without a commitment from the owner. If this is confusing you, don't feel bad. It's a typical dysfunctional relationship, full of mutual finger-pointing, and as it stands there's a good chance that both the city and the owner will be able to blame each other for things not working out here.

All the same, before we go we intend to make one last attempt to bring all parties together, to find a workable solution to save the building. We've been facing immanent eviction at the hands of either the city or the owner for years, we've never been in a position to seriously pursue funding agencies or potential partners or investors, instead concentrating on what we do here. We know what this building is for, how it should be used and by whom: as cultural space self-organized by and for the creative underclass of the downtown eastside and the city as a whole. We've proved that it can be done, by creating one of the most well-used and well-loved multi-use arts centres in town, all on our own dime, without outside funding of any kind. We're not intimidated by the "impossible" - we're artists!

And so here's our last ditch proposal. We are requesting from the owner a one-year lease, and a one-year extension from the city, to give us an opportunity to put a team together to develop this building to be what it is already, and to raise the money to pay for it. This will give the owner time to try to find a buyer for the building, and if at the end of the year we can't find a way to match his best offer, or make a deal with the buyer for a long-term lease, then we'll admit defeat and move on. We think this is a modest, reasonable, and achievable objective. And we feel that the alternative is simply unacceptable - if this place goes the rest of the affordable studio space in the neighborhood won't be far behind. So we've decided to make a stand, and maintain a 24-hour per day creative vigil at the Red gate until the situation is resolved. If not here, where? If not now, when?

Contact or just drop by for more information

Emergency Red Gate Renoviction Meeting

Tue Aug 23 7PM - 154 West Hastings

ok kids looks like its showtime. our 60-day extension expires tomorrow, and although we've done all the fire safety work that we were told to do, a further stipulation of the extension was that the owner submit full development plans by august 23, which of course he has never had any intention of doing. So according to the city, the building will be shut down on the 24th. This is a sleight-of-hand trick on their part, as they have repeatedly stated that it simply about safety. The building is now safer, according to the city's own criteria, than it has been for decades, and yet they are shutting us down because the owner isn't gentrifying fast enough. We've told him we're holding back the rent unless he gives us at least a 1-year lease to try to come up with a workable plan to save the building, which he has categorically refused to do. And so the noose tightens.

we're still not sure what exactly will happen in what order, or who is going to make the first move. but it shouldn't be long in coming. regardless, it would be unbecoming to history to let this moment pass without marking the occasion in some appropriate way.

the point is, we know what this building is for, how it should be used and by whom - as cultural space self-organized by and for the creative underclass of the downtown eastside and the city as a whole. we've proved that it can be done, by creating one of the most well-used and well-loved multi-use arts centres in town, all on our own dime, without lease, licence, or outside funding of any kind and yet, despite years of lip service paid to "preserving the cultural values" of the neighborhood, No Fun City is back and its baaad.

So: please pass this along - anyone who wants to help us make some sort of last statement/stand, or otherwise is interested in the situation should attend. If this place goes, the rest of the affordable studio space in the DTES won't be far behind...

Update July 2011

Red Gate granted 60-day extension by City of Vancouver, situation still precarious.

Thanks to a massive outpouring of outrage and support from our diverse user base, the Red Gate “Cultural Wildlife Refuge” at 152-156 West Hastings St. has been given a 60-day reprieve. But despite kind words of encouragement from the Mayor and other City officials, we’re still no closer to an agreement with the building’s owner on long-term occupancy. Without this we don’t qualify for the City’s Cultural Infrastructure Grant, cited in the Mayor’s letter as well as the original Order to Vacate. We now have until the end of August to come up with a plan that all parties can agree to, in order to save the building as open, collaborative, and affordable studio space for the emerging artists and musicians of the Downtown Eastside. We feel that it is absolutely necessary that this building, and a few others like it, be recognized and protected as critical habitat in an endangered cultural ecosystem.

Many artists can’t afford their own studio – they’re too focused on their work to worry much about money. But a group of them can chip in on a space, hold the occasional opening to help with the rent, and this, historically, is what they’ve done. And in Vancouver, they’ve done it overwhelmingly in the Downtown Eastside. Even before the city’s commercial centre evacuated to the suburbs in the 60s and 70s, the Vancouver School of Art existed in various buildings in the neighborhood, and after this exodus the redundant warehouses provided a reservoir of primitive but functional studio and rehearsal space, with affordable rents paid to incurious, often absentee landlords. Losing a building here and there to development wasn’t such a problem at first, there was always another disused old building somewhere down the street and around the corner. Now what few remain are all under threat.

Sharing space amongst a group of artists makes sense economically but also socially and creatively – the great melting pot of poverty breeds diverse influences. The important thing about these kinds of DIY collaborative spaces is not the space as such but the ambiance, the vibe if you will, which isn’t something that can be turned on and off like a switch - it must be slowly cultured, collectively, it has to grow like a plant and is as easy to kill. The point is that the Red Gate is not just any building, it's an essential part of the cultural life of not just the neighbourhood but the city as a whole, with roots and branches heading in every direction. For example, this Saturday the City of Vancouver is celebrating it’s 125th anniversary in Stanley Park – from Red Gate regulars in the Lighta! Crew, the Dusty Flower Pot Cabaret, the eatART collective, to headliners Neko Case and The New Pornographers, who rehearse and record here, you can spend the entire day being entertained and amazed by artists associated in one way or another with this place. Kind of ironic that we’re facing eviction at the same time.

This is also a good illustration of “small world” network theory, in which we are all connected together much more closely than we seem to be on the surface, due to the influence of relatively rare but highly connected individuals (super-nodes) who bridge together distant parts of the network. This is very powerful but it contains a downside - if these nodes are lost the network breaks apart. This is the situation with the downtown arts community - its overall health is related to its level of inter-connectedness, which is dependent on there being places where these connections can be made. When there were many vacant warehouses and storefronts, the network was self-healing and as nodes were lost new ones would appear. Now that we're down to the last few remnants losing even one more could have a crippling effect on the ability of the network to recover.

In order for there to be an art and music scene (in the sense of new, original work that is indelibly in and of this place) there needs to be places for it to be created. These don't just happen, they are always a labour of love, and they take time to mature - if we lose this place the occupants of the building will scatter in the wind, and it will take another enormous effort of will and patience to rebuild somewhere else.

When we started renting here seven years ago, on a month-to-month basis, it was understood that we could have the building sold from under us at any moment. It was only after the City Inspectors discovered us a few years later that we became aware that it was technically condemned and, on paper, vacant. We knew that the plumbing and the wiring were old and would one day need to be replaced, and that at some point a lot of money would need to be raised. More recently we’ve learned from the City Archives that the building has been the subject of numerous failed proposals for redevelopment going back many decades. Nobody has been able to figure out what to do with the building, except the artists. We know what to do: make use of the time and space to grow a culture that reflects our values, goals, dreams, and desires. Admittedly this doesn’t often translate directly into cash, but these are the roots and soil without which the flowers and fruits of culture would be impossible. The standard model of gentrification is indifferent to these values and incompatible with these priorities. It doesn’t even seem possible to respond to forces that present themselves as done deals, as natural and inevitable as the tides and seasons. But even tides and seasons turn.

The City has expressed interest in helping us stay in the building – the landlord is afraid that committing to us would be committing to an enormous debt. So we, the broke artists of the DTES, need to figure out how to raise the hundreds of thousands of dollars that needs to be invested in order to break the deadlock. To this end, we're working towards a "culturepreneurial model" for the twin storefronts, a number of different small businesses and co-ops providing a range of complementary services (AV facilities, coffee/juice bar, bike shop, print shop etc.) , all related together culturally, representing and reflecting the actual community that we've built up over the last few years - a DIY cultural centre. We’re conducting a membership drive to try to turn our swarm of supporters into active members, so if you ever thought you wanted to get involved down here, now would be a good time.

According to our agreement with the City, we are only allowed to have 60 people in the entire building at any one time, and more than this would require a public assembly licence which is months away at best. As this does not preclude small shows we’re planning a Red Gate Live series of internet transmissions for your vicarious enjoyment, stay tuned. We’re also doing a series of fundraisers at other locations, a sort of Red Gate Summer Tour. Next show is at the Waldorf Hotel on Thursday July 14th, featuring Calamalka, White Umbrella, Tarran the Tailor, Nam Shub, Michael Red, Taal Mala, Take 5 and more.

We are aware that what we want to do here may be impossible. But we’re heartened by the fact that what we've done already wasn't really possible either, so we’re inclined to keep trying to find a creative solution. After all, as artists it's our job to make dreams into realities and the seemingly impossible seem self-evident.

Response to the City

This is a response to a letter of support sent on June 3rd to the Chief Building Official Will Johnston and Cc'd to the Mayor and Council, and to Mr. Johnston's reply to this letter. It's also a point-by-point response to the City's Order to Vacate dated May 24. No official announcements just yet but progress is being made.

Re: Don't kill one of Vancouver's last independent cultural spaces
From: Jim Carrico
Date: June 5, 2011 11:43:00 PM PDT
To: Will Johnston
Cc: Rebecca Apostoli, Gregor Robertson, Suzanne Anton, David Cadman, George Chow, Heather Deal, Kerry Jang, Raymond Louie, Geoff Meggs , Andrea Reimer, Tim Stevenson, Ellen Woodsworth, Andrea Henning, Jacqueline Gijssen, Diana Leung, Alliance for the Arts, Richard Newirth, Brent Toderian, Brenda Prosken, Rick Cheung, Kevin Quinlan, Irwin Oostindie • W2, Hazen Sise

Thank you Rebecca for taking the time to show your concern, and thank you Will for your prompt response. To the other recipients of this letter, I'd like to try to clarify the situation from the point of view of the artists and musicians who rely on this facility. I realize that this must be coming out of nowhere for most of you, so hopefully this will provide some useful background.

First, the fire safety issues.

I think everyone agrees that first and foremost the building needs to be safe to occupy. There is no argument about this, we're simply asking for the opportunity to deal with these issues. The reports of "serious life and safety concerns" are based on an inspection by Mike Collister on January 17 of this year. At the time of his visit, he told us to expect a major, official inspection within 2 weeks, but no such inspection took place, nor did we hear anything about the results of his tour of the building. If the points listed in the Order to Vacate were made known to us at that time, there is little doubt that most if not all of these issues could have been dealt with by now, in fact some of them were dealt with in January. Instead these "unsafe and hazardous conditions" were not brought to our attention for over four months. The Order to Vacate is phrased in such a way to make it appear that we have made no effort to bring the building into compliance, but in fact we have been engaged in this process, with multiple levels and departments of City staff since 2007. In particular, the assertion that "the necessary repairs have not been carried out" ignores the fact that a series of work orders received by us during the period of 2007-2009 were completed to the satisfaction of the late Ed Neufeld, then Manager of the Building Inspections Branch, including electrical and fire-and-safety issues. In particular, a number of issues related to the integrity of the brickwork on the south end of the building were completed to the satisfaction of the consulting Engineer (W.A. Marsh) in the fall of 2009. Unfortunately Mr. Neufeld passed away before all of the paper work could be completed, and his replacement informed us, in our first meeting in January 2010, that we would be subject to a thorough re-inspection. But this inspection was not carried out, and we have not received a single work order or specific request from the City since that time.

I'll attempt to respond to the items listed on the Order to Vacate one at a time:

  1. "The building has no fire alarm or sprinkler system." This is true but from our point of view a new requirement. At no time during our previous working relationship with City officials was this referred to. It's also unclear whether this means we need to have *either* or *both* of these, so further clarification is requested on this point.
  2. "The exit signage and emergency lighting is missing or in a state of disrepair" There are numerous properly functioning exit signs throughout the building, as well as properly functioning emergency lighting on the third floor and second floor landings, the exception being a disused staircase leading from the 3rd to the 2nd floor, which is brought up in a separate bullet point (#7 below.)
  3. "The fire separation between floors is damaged and large pieces of lathe and plaster and/or drywall are missing in numerous locations." This is the result of previous water damage, and is as far as I am aware restricted to two small areas (<10 sq. ft) directly beneath the 2nd and 3rd floor washrooms. We've obtained an estimate from a contractor stating that this work could be done for approx. $1500 and intend to move forward on these repairs as soon as possible. Once again this defect was not mentioned on any previous work order or inspection report.
  4. "The smoke alarms have been covered with tape and plastic bags." At the time of Mike Collister's visit in January, it was pointed out that one of the smoke alarms on the 3rd floor had been taped over with a plastic bag. There are two other smoke alarms within 15 feet of this one on either side of it, which had not been covered, nor were any of the many other smoke alarms throughout the building found to be in this condition. This seems misleadingly phrased to suggest that all of the smoke alarms in the building had been disabled, and leaving this implication aside, is in any case technically incorrect, ie. "smoke alarms" plural. Deliberately defeating the purpose of safety equipment is obviously idiotic, and although we were unable to determine exactly who the idiot was, the tape and plastic were removed almost immediately, back in January.
  5. "The washrooms are either damaged or non-functional." There is a damaged washroom on the second floor, although it is in fact functional. There are functioning washrooms throughout the building.
  6. "The rear exterior exit stair leading from the 2nd floor has been replaced without permit or approval and does not comply with the Building By-law...." This was the work of a contractor (Laszlo Balogh) engaged by the owner to undertake the repairs to the rear facade, referred to above, based on a work order signed by Ed Neufeld dated Dec. 18 2007 and properly permitted and approved in 2009. Replacement of the staircase was not part of this work order; however the contractor found the staircase to be in a state of disrepair and removed it prior to completion of the facade work. Unfortunately, as a recent immigrant from Hungary, the contractor was mistakenly under the impression that as he was merely replacing an existing staircase and that no further permits were required, nor apparently was he at all well-versed in BC Building Codes. We're in the process of obtaining estimates for the retro-fit or replacement of this staircase. Defects aside, it's significantly safer than what it replaced.
  7. "The rear interior exit stair from the 3rd floor to the 2nd floor is in disrepair and does not comply with Building By-law. There is no ambient lighting, no emergency lighting, the handrail is missing on one side, and there are miscellaneous materials and construction debris impeding egress." This is a disused and admittedly neglected staircase. All debris impeding access has long since been removed, and the other issues (missing handrail, emergency lighting) will be dealt with over the next several days. Again, at no time in the past have these requirements been made known to us.

We're not disputing in any way the seriousness of these issues, but rather the precipitous nature of the City's actions. For example, it's unclear why the immediate safety issues were not shared with us at an earlier date. We also find it somewhat disingenuous of the City to omit any mention of "necessary repairs" that have been carried out at their behest. It has been stated that Ed Neufeld was not required to be as lenient on us as he seems to have been, nor are his successors required to follow this policy. This is not in dispute. But neither can anyone pretend that it didn't happen, or that we have not in fact been engaged in good faith with City Officials to try to bring the building into compliance. We do however require some guidance and direction in bringing this about, and a reasonable and realistic timeline.

The final paragraph of the Order to Vacate provides a reference to the City's Cultural Infrastructure Grant, with the suggestion that this may assist us in achieving compliance. There are other City grants that are known to us (eg. up to $50,000 from the "Great Beginnings" facade restoration program) and no doubt there are others of which we are as yet unaware, both public and private. The greatest obstacle for us has for many years been the refusal of the building owner to give us any sort of lease on the premises, (we have been paying month-to-month from the beginning,) and therefore we have not up to now been qualified to even apply for any of this money. But if there is any "silver lining" in the situation this is it, because it is at last forcing the owner to the table with us.

Without dragging this response on interminably, I feel as though I should say something about myself. I've been involved in "grass-roots culture" in the Downtown Eastside for 30 years, as a director of the Unit/Pitt Society and co-editor of Issue Magazine in the 1980s, and a partner in the Miller Block recording studio in the 1990s, and more recently as one of the founding members of the W2 coalition. I've lived and worked and raised a family down here, and I love this neighbourhood. I've been involved in meetings and discussions with various City Cultural Planners in recent months and years, and we've gone over possible strategies, funding models and so on. On friday I attended a very productive meeting with Irwin Oostindie and Hazen Sise of W2 as well as the building owner, and it was agreed in principle that W2 will apply for grants on the Red Gate's behalf, and provide administrative support and expertise, beginning with a feasibility study to be conducted over the next 2 weeks. In return, the owner has agreed to provide our organization with a long term lease on the building for the purposes of formalizing and legitimizing the fully-functioning multi-purpose artist-run centre that we've already created here. We're committed to finding a solution that all parties can be comfortable with, starting with applying for the necessary permits and conducting the required repairs, and fully engaging with City staff in the planning process. We need to be given a chance to do this; we've made enormous progress in the last 10 days, but 30 days is an unreasonable timeline. I'm sure that in the end we all want the same thing, which is to bring this neighbourhood back to life, and to ensure that there are safe places for the brilliant youth to invent the future.

If anyone would like to discuss any of these issues with us, please contact us at

Letter from the Mayor

(this is a letter that was sent from the Mayor's office to everyone who expressed their concerns about the Red Gate)

Thanks for writing about the Red Gate. I want to clarify some misinformation that is out there. The City's issue is not with the Red Gate, it's with the building owner. There are serious safety concerns with the building that the owner has not addressed, despite several meetings with city staff.

An inspection in January found a number of issues that need to be addressed to ensure a base level of safety. Key concerns centered on the lack of fire detection and protection systems (alarms and sprinklers), fire extinguishers, exit signage, emergency lighting and the building’s exit stairs.

These are simple - but serious - things that need to be fixed. City staff from our Cultural Services and Downtown Eastside Planning Group as well as the Building Inspection Department have met with the owner several times to discuss these issues, as recently as last week.

If the building owner puts forward an upgrade plan, and demonstrates a commitment to starting it, the City will reconsider the order to vacate. To date, no such plan has been given to the City - despite several attempts by the City to ask for one over the past six months.

What is most frustrating is that the City actually provides money to support building owners and arts groups in these situations. There are programs and grants for groups that operate in the DTES. We have cultural infrastructure grants, which can be spent on upgrades and renovations.

We want the Red Gate to stay open. I've said to staff I want to see it stay open. But if the building owner refuses to make basic safety renovations, the City has no choice but to close it.

Thanks for taking the time to write.


Mayor Gregor Robertson


We need your help! Please drop by to sign the petition, or pick up petition forms for distribution. The more support we get, the better chance we have of bringing the City back to the table. You can download a PDF of the petition form here. Online version will be available shortly...

May 30, 2011

For Immediate Release

After seven years in operation as one of the most well-used and well-loved arts centers in the Downtown Eastside, the “Red Gate” at 152-156 West Hastings St. has been given a 30-day notice to vacate by the City of Vancouver Building Inspections Branch. Despite dealing with various levels and departments of City officials since 2007, and despite having complied with all of the work orders that have been presented to us, we are faced with an ultimatum that is either ignorant of or is indifferent to this ongoing relationship and the good faith that we have shown to the City throughout this time.

The Red Gate is unique in the neighborhood, and the city, in both its longevity as a 100% self-funded and self-organized multi-purpose cultural facility, and in the depth and breadth of participation, collaboration, and support from a large user base that represents the broadest possible cross-section of amateur and professional artists, musicians, film-makers and photographers. Its three floors and 15,000 square feet accommodate the JC/DC recording studio, home of the New Pornographers, Destroyer, the Rodney Graham Band, etc, as well as providing affordable studio space for dozens of visual artists, along with rehearsal and performance space, art gallery, flexible production facilities for large-format works, film and video production, movie screenings, community meeting space and more. Cost to the public: zero dollars. From the beginning we’ve run ourselves on a voluntary, collective, consensus basis with no outside funding or support of any kind, public or private.

Our last communication with any city representative was in January of this year, when an informal “surprise inspection” was conducted, at which time we were told to expect a notice of a major, formal inspection. Instead, after hearing nothing at all for four months, we have been presented with an unrealistic 4-week deadline to vacate the building, without ever being given an opportunity to achieve compliance, or indeed being given a specific outline of what this would require. By enforcing a 13-year old order to vacate, which one might have thought would have been superceded by our generally positive and productive relationship with City officials over the last four years, and by mis-representing or ignoring this relationship entirely in their correspondence with us, we feel that the City has been unfair not only to us but to the entire community.

What we are trying to achieve here is nothing less than the Renaissance of Hastings Street, and of the Downtown Eastside, from within, by tapping into the incredible energy, talent, creativity, and good will that has always existed in the cracks and crevices of the neighborhood. This is where the young and boundary-pushing artists and musicians concentrate, historically and currently, because it’s affordable, but also because it’s interesting. As a melting pot and meeting place, the DTES is not really comparable to anywhere else. As both the oldest and the poorest district, the most diverse ideas and influences come into contact with one another. With recent development intiatives, this diversity will continue to increase, but only if the new is willing to co-exist with the old. The Red Gate is a microcosm of the neighborhood, one of the last remaining of what was once an entire ecosystem of studios and DIY art spaces. We’ve proven that a group of motivated artists can take over a building that has been abandoned and neglected and turn it into something amazing, and we feel that this is a positive model of development, appropriate to the neighborhood, and that the City should be trying to help us rather than trying to shut us down. For more information contact


A Cultural Wildlife Refuge in the Downtown Eastside


In the shadow of the Woodwards Towers, signature condo-ziggurats of 2010-opolis, behind a neglected Edwardian facade, lies a remnant of a cultural ecosystem which once spread throughout the neighborhood in an unplanned archipelago of ad hoc art spaces that appeared and disappeared with the seasons.

Once merely a node among many in this network, the former Trocadero Building at 152 West Hastings now stands as an isolated remnant of critically endangered habitat, threatened with extinction under the relentless pressures of redevelopment and gentrification. A hub of independent culture for the last 30 years, under many names and guises (Pop, The Red Dot, Bugland, @ Gallery etc, or more often simply 152,) the building is currently occupied by several dozen visual artists and musicians, including practice, performance, and exhibition space, as well as the famous JC/DC studios, home of the New Pornographers, Destroyer, Nardwuar and other national icons. Lately an effort to open the twin storefronts up to public exhibitions and special events has been frustrated by a combination of bureaucratic intolerance, landlord intransigence, and contractor incompetence. "Condemned" but continuously occupied in its current incarnation as the "Red Gate" for six years, with the knowledge and even occasional encouragement of various city departments, but caught in a catch-22 in which the money to repair the building can't be raised because getting a business licence requires that the building first be repaired. The besieged artists, well aware of the forces marshalling against them, are now taking the initiative by opening the Downtown Eastside's newest/oldest "not strictly legal" art gallery, in order to expose to the public some of their projects and activities, and through a process of "controlled tourism" create an appreciation in the larger community of the building's irreplaceable value as a "cultural breeding ground."

Town Hall Meeting on Consent and Accountability: Facilitators Notes

Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018 at the Red Gate Revue Stage. Hosted by the Red Gate Arts Society, facilitated by Lydia and Kona from PeerNetBC.

Red Gate Society - Nightlife Dialogue Report.pdf — PDF document, 1,325 kB (1,357,012 bytes)