Press Clippings

Red Gate Arts Society continues fight for affordable arts space in Vancouver
Megaphone Magazine, Nov. 19, 2012 "Since their "renoviction" in Oct. 2011, two other buildings housing artist studios on that same block have met a similar fate, combining to a total of 40,000 square feet of cultural space that has been lost in that small corner of the neighborhood alone."
Five reasons all-ages venues struggle in the city.
Oct.6, 2012, Ariel Fournier, TheTyee "Time and time again, all-ages spaces have been shut down or forced out in the city for breaking codes, violating liquor laws or not being able to pay the bills."
Red Gate arts collective rallies to re-open in new venue
By Yolande Cole, September 19, 2012 "As Vancouver reviews applications to lease city-owned buildings as arts space, supporters of the former Red Gate centre are hoping to resurrect the collective in a new venue to provide affordable studios for up-and-coming artists."
Vancouver artists’ collective searching for a new home
Displaced groups has vision for a new cultural hub By Shawn Conner, Vancouver Sun August 21, 2012
Vancouver's arts and culture bleeding out in “steady migration", warn city creatives
by David Ball, Vancouver Observer, May 9 2012. "Underneath the vibrant, diverse surface of a thriving arts and culture scene, Vancouver faces a loss of its brightest painters, dancers, designers, makers and performers to greener pastures."
Transplanting the Red Gate to New Soil
by Anthony Meza, Discorder, April 1, 2012 "Despite receiving favourable words from councillors Geoff Meggs and Elizabeth Ball, progress on the possibility of renting the warehouse has been slow and little useful information has escaped the byzantine bureaucracy of City Hall."
Red Gate Petitions to Rent City-owned Building
by Sarah Berman,, Mar. 20 2012
Creative Chaos
by Timothy Taylor, March 19, 2012 "...the Red Gate was the source of creative chaos that all cities need. Kill these sorts of institutions - out of some hyper-vigilant sense that everything has to be planned centrally in coordination with official messages - and you kill the organic creativity on which all cities depend."
Vancouver's Creative Space Crunch
"It's a hot issue in a city with lots of red tape but few old, affordable places to gather." The Tyee, Nov. 18 2011
Chaos and Planning
"... the Red Gate is outside definitions. It’s outside systems, eluding the machination of master plans. And that, I submit, is why city planners have had such a hard time understanding it, even though the Red Gate manifestly contributes to the “mixed-use” model of development in the DTES that every one of them will officially espouse." Timothy Taylor, Oct 18, 2011
City Council approves Artist Studio Regulatory Review, but too late to save Red Gate
"Vancouver city council today (October 6) unanimously approved staff recommendations to improve studio space in the city—just as artists in the Red Gate studios are being forced to leave their digs at 152-156 West Hastings." Georgia Straight, Oct. 6 2011
Vancouver's studio wars
Council floats new solution to artists getting squeezed out by real-estate market. by Frances Bula, The Globe and Mail, Oct. 5, 2011
Red Alert: Artists on the street in wake of Red Gate’s ‘order to vacate’
"For seven years the Red Gate has been a local artistic hub, home to artist studios and exhibitions, concerts, film production, recording studios, jam spaces and many other creative ventures. But three months after the landowner and tenants of the century-old Trocadero Building at 152 West Hastings were issued an “order to vacate” by the City of Vancouver, local artists and musicians remain in peril of losing this Downtown Eastside creative space." Megaphone, Sept. 7, 2011
New Pornographers pack up Red Gate studio
"Just over a month after the New Pornographers headlined a free concert in Stanley Park celebrating Vancouver’s 125th birthday, the band’s recording studio and rehearsal space—located on the third floor of Red Gate studios—has packed up permanently." Openfile, Sept. 2, 2011
Red Gate: when art and real estate collide
Openfile, July 7 2011
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