Past Exhibitions

2010 - 2011 at the Red Gate Gallery, 156 West Hastings St.

Red Gate Last Weekend

One Day Art Sale and Free Store


Drawing a Blank

Live Drawing Show



Todd Evanger

Wild Call




Michela Corallo • Barbara Ainis • Silvia Berton

curated by Katayoon Yousefbigloo



The ACME Building Show

Episode #6 of the "Waving Not Drowning" DTES Artist Studio Series



Ministry of Propaganda

Recent Works - Recent Thoughts

Episode #5 of the "Waving Not Drowning" DTES Artist Studio Series



152 2nd Floor

(the studio upstairs)

Episode #3 of the "Waving Not Drowning" DTES Artist Studio Series




Artist Studio Exhibition

Episode #1 of the "Waving Not Drowning" DTES Artist Studio Series




31 Drawings, 31 Days




Paintings by Shayne Kelly



Shoe Side Story

New works on paper, board, sculpture by Kevin House

Opening Night Thurs Nov 25th at 7pm
156 West Hastings (at Cambie)
Running until Dec 1st hrs 12 - 5pm daily

Exhibitions: The Halsey gallery in Charleston, South Carolina, The Yard Dog gallery in Austin Texas, Orange Hill folk art gallery in Atlanta Georgia, Others art fair in N.Y, Outsider Art Fair N.Y. and more.

His artwork has appeared in Raw Vision magazine, The Globe and Mail, Bark Magazine, Elle magazine, Discovery channel. His music made many top 10 lists including NPR in the U.S and has been favorably reviewed in Mojo,Uncut.

His work is in many collections worldwide including British actor Malcolm Mcdowell, Canadian Radio personality Bill Richardson, Singer Norah Jones, Director Bruce Mcdonald, Author Timothy Taylor, Last Gasp publisher Ron Turner, Artist Joe Coleman.

Kevin exhibits with the Marion Harris gallery at the Outsider art fair in N.Y once a year.




New 2-D, 3-D, and 4-D works by Graham Landin



The Monster Mash


Jamie Bizness
Kevin House
Brennan Kelly
Alex Strusberg
Coreena lewis
Jake Pruim
Andrea Baeza
Vincent Parker
Ben Jacques
Maya Cara Credico
Gideon Hay
Mirmy Miranda Winn




Great Men In Uniform

Art by Clive "Pops" Jackson 2-D and 3-D works Opening Night featuring the swamp stylings of The King Rails



Ora Cogan / Lief Hall / Riddley Walker

Live music and projections - and little trees with lights in them!



Bangmaster Generals Warning

Created by Jeffro Halliday and Corey Adams


It Felt Like A Kiss

a film by Adam Curtis

When a nation is powerful it tells the world confident stories about the future.

The stories can be enchanting or frightening, but they make sense of the world.

But when that power begins to ebb, the stories fall apart.

And all that is left are fragments, which haunt you like half-forgotten dreams.


happy is the new black

nam shub / vincent parker

Sept 18, 2010

vincent parker
mega hype wobbley booty crack. one ass cheek bigger than the other

all new harsh acid set performed in Vancouver for the first time

nam shub
back alleys, trees, dirty basements, cats, bikes, mountains, leaky pipes, oceans. shubband

about blank:
weirdness from a dude in glasses


The Pocket Show


Opening night Sunday Sept 5th 7-12pm
Running til the 18th of Sept. hrs 12 am - 6pm

Over 100 artists ( see list below ) working within 4 x 4 inches or smaller in painting/sculpture/photography/or ?

A partial list of artists in no specific order

Shayne Kelly
Erik Whittaker
Richard Bachman
Mark Delong
Katayoon Yousefbiglo
Ashlin Dawn
Robert Dayton
Matty Harris
Erin Sandiland
Bruce Walther
Jason Mclean
James Diamond
Shelley Cowan
Mirmy Miranda Winn
Valerie Graham
Jamie Bizness
João Paulo Costa
Heather Renney
Andrew Tong
Heather Renne
Ferlea Oslorne
Shawn Chappelle
Richard Bachman
Tallulah Tallulah
Andrea Baeza
Take 5
Thea-Rose Mitchell
Shan Von Dee
Jenn Strom
Robert Chaplin
Jeff Stuckel
Zoe Evamy
Chanda Stallman
Bonni Reid
Nicole Steen
Vanessa Bourget
Ann Marie Fleming
Richard Wloda
Joren MacMillan
Sean Orr
Gideon Hay
James Melcher
Camilla Pickard
Lexa Naicu
Lee Hutzulak
Holly Ruth Anderson
Ola Cholewa
Ronan Boyle
Caroline Weaver
Bill Thomson
Keesee ✂ Andra
Geoff Carter
Nicky Ninefingers
Susan Berganzi
Vik Barkar
Sarah Gee
Peter Strom
Chop Logi
Carol Nottingham
Cheylene Marie Tattersall
Kris Brownlee
Kristian Adam
Dallas Harvey
Matthew Aebig
Eva Waldauf
Paul Johnson
Alex Tedlie Stursberg
Tam Kaimi Glxyglxy
Ella Marshak
Anna MacLellan
Nac Cole
Vincent Parker
Megz Pikey Majewski
University of Atlantis
Jenny Hawkinson
Trinity Western
Guy Roland
Paxton S. Downard
Rachel Sawatsky
bev davies
Amanda Bullick
Liane Varnam
Jason Murphy
Carter Hayes
Jim Carrico
Ashlin Dawn



The New Collagraphers

Group Show


Maya Beaudry

Simon Bell

Jesse Corcoran

Kevin Greisch

Morag Kydd

Graham Landin

Aigin Larki

Anna Maclellan

Ben Raymer

Alex Stursberg

with guests



James Lindfield

Structural Maladjustment


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