Red Gate Community Update December 2016

For Immediate Release

Hey there Red Gate friends and fam, members and supporters, near and far!

As many of you are aware we have been month to month at our current location, while the slow squeeze of gentrification tightens around us.  We’re still actively seeking a permanent home on the east side, but conditions have forced us to follow every possible lead and one of those has led us to an interesting opportunity! We’ve just signed a lease on a 200-seat theatre space on Granville Island, starting on January 1st, 2017, which we’re planning to operate as a satellite location while maintaining our regular activities at our East Hastings location. Formerly known as the Revue Stage, soon to open under new management as Granville Island International Airport! Or maybe just the Red Gate Revue Stage, still working on it. We want to use this as a platform to showcase our favourite local artists, but also make it available for rehearsals, workshops, screenings, and anything else that our illustrious community can dream up. We’ll have more details to follow shortly concerning bookings, costs, and whatnot, and some better photos as soon as we can get in there again. Stay tuned!


Become a Member!

The Red Gate is now offering membership! Members will get special mailouts, as well as discounts at all of our shows, plus you can help us keep this place going, for only $20 a year!