May 2014

Red Gate Presents: Live at 855

Friday May 9

Damo Suzuki's Network with Jesse Zubot, Gord Grdina and Friends, V.Vecker Ensemble & Nam Shub

Thursday May 15

Works by Annie Chiavaroli

Opening Reception 7-11PM


irreversible collapse, racist homophobic lying greedy boomers in power,
unfair elections, military action, increasing tuition taxes debt and carbon
emissions, air strikes, petroleum toxic waste toxicity, municipal cowardice
complacency, growing wealth disparity, ocean acidification, unsustainable
resource consumption extraction, overpopulation in zoos and prisons, animal
cruelty, disposability, garbage islands, ozone depletion, manipulative
prescription drug companies, untrustworthy dietary recommendations,
separation anxiety, addiction, domestic violence,  gender inequality,
mental fog, fatigue, busy lethargy, traffic work day,  rent is too damn
high slumlord, dirty dishes, laundry, wizard folk works by annie chiavaroli
@ rainbow connection 855 e hastings may 15-29 reception may 15 1900-2300


Friday May 23

Merzbow with Botfly & Holzkopf • Nervous Operator • Worker / Rusalka / The Nausea

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