Accessibility Information for 1965 Main Street


-small short ramp at a steep angle
-30% slope on one side to a 10% on the other side
-we're happy to provide assistance, let us know in advance if possible!

Accessible bathroom:
-doorway 35 "
-room size 95" ×71"
-mostly empty, no bar beside the toilet
-all bathrooms are all-genders

Main Event Space:
68" opening, large open space inside

Doorway from the main room to the back:
-double doors: 70"

Doorways from main room to the bar area:
-59" and 72"

-3" lip at balcony doorway
-long staircase to the outdoor "courtyard"

Unfortunately we are unable to maintain a scent reduced space, Red Gate Arts Society is an artist space with multiple artists using various chemical-based mediums in the studio space. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee a space that'll be as accessible as we'd like, though encourage people to come scent-free.

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